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Lake Placid Lodge features a number of unique accommodations. Birch features a king bed with a comfortable sitting area in front of a huge, stone, wood-burning fireplace. This unique lodging in Lake Placid, NY features two bathrooms, one with a deep soaking tub and the other with a double-headed shower, as well as a spacious walk-in closet. Just outside, a log-railed front porch is shaded by a canopy of trees and outfitted with a swing for two.

Lake Placid Lodge

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Lake Placid Lodge
Lake Placid Lodge
was built by hand in the Arts and Crafts tradition. There are thirteen sumptuous rooms and seventeen luxurious cabins at the water’s edge. The woods and water enfold the Lodge; the sun warms its wide stone porches. Each room has a fireplace at its heart and wilderness visible through its diamond paned windows. 

Lake Placid Lodge’s superb accommodations, idyllic setting and unmatched service have made it a legend among hotels.

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Mirror Lake Resort and Spa in the Adirondack has some of the most unusual meeting spaces we've ever seen. The Inn specializes in creating exclusive gatherings, corporate challenges, and retreats.

Mirror Lake Resort and Spa

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Labor Day weekend means the end of summer vacation for most of us. May your Fall bring you crisp air, the warmth of your favorite sweater, and anything else you desire.

The Point 

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Valentine's Day is coming up, and, as such, it's time to think about where you'd like to spend the day with that special someone. Whether you're enjoying a cozy night in or an adventure on the town, a night in a luxury hotel can be the perfect gift to the both of you, a chance to escape to another world where no expense will be spared in giving you the night of a lifetime. What follows is just one in a series of our favorite romantic hotels, and, we think, a great place to take him or her this February the 14th.

#1 The Point, Saranac Lake

What's The Point, you ask? While us single folks might attribute such a question to the vague sense of ennui that a romantic holiday instills, for the couples out there, you're clearly wanting to know more about the resort on Saranac Lake that just might be the most tranquil and exclusive hotel you could take your significant figure this weekend.  I use 'hotel' in only the loosest of sense to describe The Point, since the 11-room lodge is what you would imagine renting a 5-star private cabin might be like.  This lakefront lodge in upstate New York has all the serenity of a hushed winter morning where even the birds are afraid to break the silence, and it's personal service is unrivalled anywhere.

Nightly room rates are all-inclusive, so you can enjoy everything they have to offer. Not only that, dining is supervised by 3-star Michelin chef Albert Roux, which affords you a level of attention that even the top restaurants cannot afford to give their patrons.  No children under 18 are allowed on the property and there are no phones and televisons, so you need not worry about anything getting in the way of your perfect evening.  The Point offers the kind of intentional seclusion that is so rare in this connected world, and it is the perfect opportunity to lose yourself in romance.  

The Point is especially attractive to active couples who would enjoy the hiking, fishing, and animal tracking that the Point will happily recommend.  If a few biologists would just take a brief second to get out to The Point, they'd very quickly resolve one of the most hotly contested debates in modern science: nature vs nuture.  At The Point on Saranac lake, you can nurture your relationship by going back to nature, and there's no compromise involved. For my part, The Point is where I would take my hypothetical girlfriend this Valentine's Day.


It's not every day that an infographic so awesome comes around.  Over at Cheap Sally, an online discount site, their travel experts have aggregated a list of some of the wildest hotel and vacation sites in the US, and it features some of our favorite US properties.  For the whole list, check out the infographic below, but I'd like to highlight some of our favorites.

Long at the top of our list of the Best Luxury All-Inclusive Resorts in the world, The Point at Saranac Lake, NY, is so exclusive, you aren't told where exactly on the pristine Adirondack lake it is until you've confirmed your reservation.  Complete with a 3-star Michelin chef and only 11 rooms on the property, you are guaranteed to experience a personalized, secluded stay in one of the world's most elite properties.

In terms of crazy spa treatments, it's hard to top the over 250-gallon Evian bath only available in the penthouse suite of the Hotel Victor on Miami Beach.  This spa treatment costs only slightly less than the suite itself and features a bath of pure Evian water sprinkled with rose petals.

But if you're like me and you like your baths with a little more kick to them, then the Kenwood Inn and Spa vinotherapy treatment is just what you're looking for:  Bathe in wine and grape seed extract to soak your skin in the antioxidant polyphenol which powerfully slows the aging of skin.  You'll come out looking and feeling younger than even a couple glasses of the same wine would make you feel.

There's a just a few of the wonderful and crazy hotels and spas located around the US, and you can some more great examples below.  Make sure to check out Five Star Alliance to book these great destinations or if you're looking for a deal or digital coupon for any of over 11,000 retailers, Cheap Sally is your girl.  

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Infographic courtesy of Cheap Sally