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TripAdvisor Reviews of the Overlook Hotel (aka Jack's Pad in The Shining)

June 13, 2011| By:Mary Winston Nicklin

The Overlook Hotel, The ShiningIt sounds pretty good on paper. A lobby based on the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park, and a Gold Room and red bathroom inspired by the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix... But for the real scoop on The Overlook Hotel, you've got to check out the reviews on, recently compiled by the good folks at McSweeney's Internet Tendency:

"Great spot for writing the Great American Novel"
by HappyJack

This place has a majesty to it that mirrors the mountains that cup it in their craggy fingers. The decor echoes the Indian culture of those who first dwelt here, and its deep halls might be the "Mines of Moria" Tolkien wrote of, only with mesmerizing carpets. I am looking forward to buckling down and doing solid work here. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

- - -

"not enough towels"
by SkiMogul89

Cool hedges though.

- - -

"Caretakers act high and mighty"
by HollyHobbyMommy

A creepy kid on a big wheels had full run of the place and kept annoying my daughters. He rode up and ignored them like some sort of mute freak. His parents probably taught him he's too good to play with common folk.

- - -

"Lousy bartender"
by Anonymous

Creepy guy couldn't make a Sex on the Beach. Gave me something called a "Pimm's Cup." More like a piss cup. At least it was free.

For the full scoop (and a good laugh), check out McSweeney's post here...

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