Hoteliers FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are responses to the most frequently asked questions by hoteliers regarding Five Star Alliance, the luxury hotel experts, and our worldwide collection.

  •  How does Five Star Alliance get hotel inventory?
  • Five Star Alliance is an IATAN endorsed travel agency. We make bookings through Global Distribution System tools, specifically Galileo. We allow all hotels to manage their rates, policies and inventory and do not sell net rates or 3rd party inventory. In addition, hotels that choose to work more closely with us have the availability to set up Five Star Alliance specific rates and offers through a private multi-level rate code within Galileo.

  •  How can I participate in the Five Star Alliance rate?

  • By using our very own "FSA - Five Star Alliance" rate code in the Galileo GDS, you can provide us with special rates, and receive even better tracking of our productivity. Hotels that load special rates for our site receive increased promotion and receive a greater share of our sales. Five Star Alliance will already display all commissionable rates that are available in the Galileo/Apollo channel, plus any that are loaded to the FSA rate code.
    Step 1: Within the Galileo or Apollo GDS, map to rate name : "Five Star Alliance" with Pseudo City (PCC): 2F08 (Two - Frank - Zero - Eight)
    Step 2: Rate Access Code : FSA
    Step 3: Rate Indicator is "Commissionable"
    Step 4: Load the Room Descriptions, Rate Rules and Rates. These will only be seen on the Five Star Alliance website.
    Step 5: Once completed, contact us to advise that you have set up the rates so we can test and finalize for you.

  •  What is the Five Star Alliance IATA Number?

  • 09-59048 6

    All reservations booked by Five Star Alliance will use our unique IATA number so that you can track our production, sales, and clients.

  •  How can I get my hotel or resort listed on the Five Star Alliance site?

  • Hotels are selected for promotion on the Five Star Alliance web site solely based on an editorial decision. We only feature hotels that we believe to be among the best in the world. To submit your hotel for consideration, fill out our hotel submission form >>

  •  How can I update the text or images on my hotel's listing?

  • To update hotel information and photographs already on the Five Star Alliance web site, please fill out our update form. You do not need to fill out the entire form; you may submit only the information that you would like to update along with a few key items as validation. Five Star Alliance reserves the right to edit all submissions. Thank you for helping us keep your property information up to date.

  •  How can I collaborate further with Five Star Alliance to increase visibility and bookings for my property?

  • Five Star Alliance is seeking forward thinking partners who understand the power of online marketing, and, as a result, are seeking to gain control of the positioning and promotion of their property in front of a massive and qualified audience worldwide. If you would like to be considered for our digital marketing partnerships, please contact us.

  •  How does Five Star Alliance determine the Four or Five Star category for a hotel property?

  • We are an independent source and do not publish 'official' ratings for hotels around the world.(*) Our goal is to present all of the luxury hotels that we feel match our client's expectations.

    Below are some criteria we follow to help define our two separate collections:

    The Five Star Hotel & Resort Collection
    "Five Star" hotels are our primary focus, as you can probably tell. We think that less than 1% of properties worldwide fit within our Five Star hotel collection and our goal is to present them all.(*) These range from hotels that are considered icons and destinations unto themselves to smaller intimate retreats.

    These hotels have:
    - Standards of service and comfort that aim to meet or exceed expectations at all times.
    - Amenities that are robust, varied and personalized.
    - Achieved any number of accolades from the travel trade, including high marks from from AAA, Forbes, Travel + Leisure, Conde Nast and many others on a consistent basis.
    - Maintained a high degree of satisfaction from guests across varied review sites and through Five Star Alliance client feedback.

    The Four Star Hotel & Resort Collection
    There are literally tens of thousands of properties worldwide that can be considered "Four Star." We've handpicked just a few of our favorites to feature to you, as a complement to our core Five-Star Collection. We've picked properties based on location, amenities, value and design or other special features we think you'll like. They range from large business-centric hotels to small boutiques.

    These hotels have:
    - High standards of service and comfort.
    - Amenities that are suitable for the size and location of the hotel.
    - Met deluxe (4 star or higher) criteria through travel trade outlets and have received rankings that put them in the upper tier of Four Star hotels.
    - Room rates that are lower on average than Five Star properties, although suites or top room rates may exceed those of some Five Star properties.
    - Maintained a high degree of satisfaction from guests across varied review sites and through Five Star Alliance client feedback.

    *Note: Hotels are included in our collection based solely on their merits, they cannot buy their way onto Five Star Alliance. Some hotels are excluded from our collections only because they do not presently offer an online booking platform that allows us to send them reservations. Our collections are constantly being updated and we stay busy keeping up, so please contact us with your feedback and suggestions and enjoy the experience that is luxury travel!

  •  Why did Five Star Alliance create the World's Best Hotels & Resorts Lists?

  • Five Star Alliance is a top recommendation site for luxury hotels. As such, we work hard to provide suggestions to our site visitors and clients that help meet their requirements. The Worlds Best Lists represent the latest lists of curated hotels and resorts that will inspire travelers with exclusive recommendations for a variety of interests and locations.

  •  What criteria were used to create the World's Best Lists?

  • The World's Best Hotels Lists are a hand-picked collection that have been selected by Five Star Alliance's team of travel experts, through guest feedback, as properties that represent the best in unique experiences, class, and reputation. We used our guests' comments and feedback, our own experiences with these properties as well as benchmarking across multiple awards lists.

  •  Why is there a Destination Wedding list - does Five Star Alliance book Destination Weddings?

  • Destination weddings are very popular. For clients wishing to plan a destination wedding, book a group or plan an event at hotel or other venue, we use our Group and Event booking link which can be reached by clicking our "Book 5+ rooms" link from any hotel or locale page. Clients have the option to enter a variety of custom details, including wedding information, event space or even a business meeting or dinner event. Once this form is completed a link and login are provided. As hotels or event locations that meet the parameters respond with their proposals, results can be viewed and communication is enabled to finalize the arrangements.

  •  What can I do to help my hotel or resort be considered for a future World's Best Award in the future?

  • As a first step, the hotel would need to be part of our collection. To begin the process, please complete our Hotelier Survey form found on this page of our site. If the hotel is already listed, completing this form is also recommended as it allows us to view the most recent details for possible updates to the property listing as well as ensure we have proper contact information. Once the survey form is completed, hotels are automatically part of our curation process for the future. Hotels are added on an editorial basis only. Once approved, there are opportunities to expedite listing updates, expand photo galleries and participate in other marketing opportunities to promote the hotel. To find out more, please contact us.

  •  How are your clients serviced? Do you have travel agents in your office that we can meet with?

  • We have a full service team of Client Service Representatives that work virtually world-wide and are available to help clients complete bookings and answer questions. They team also provides post-booking support to guests and hoteliers for items such as special requests, credit card and billing questions or pre-booking hotel services such as dining and spa. Our team is available around the clock on a 24x7 basis through phone, email and live chat. Unfortunately due to the nature of our business, our team does not physically work out of one office, but we welcome you to get in touch with us to share information and learn more.

    Still have questions? Or just want to say "hi"? Please get in touch, we honestly, truly love emails >>