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The answers for the most common questions we receive from clients are answered below. If you still need assistance after reviewing this information, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions


  •  Can I make hotel reservations through your website?
  • You certainly can. Once you find the ideal hotel, simply enter the dates of your stay to check for rates and availability. Then select a room, and then complete a simple form to complete your booking. It's that easy!
  •  How do room deposits and guarantees work?
  • A valid credit card number is required in all cases to reserve a room, but different rates and hotels have their own deposit and guarantee policies that you should review and understand prior to booking. The individual deposit and cancellation policies for each hotel and rate will be presented to you before you complete your reservation.
  •  How do I change a reservation?
  • If you need to make a change to an existing reservation, such as adding more rooms or extending the dates of your stay, we recommend that you first create a completely new reservation on our site first, and then cancel your original reservation. This is the method recommended by our member hotels. Important Note: Before making your new reservation, please double-check the details of your existing reservation for information regarding cancellations and fees. Depending on the hotel and the specific rate, charges may apply.
    br>After you create your new reservation, you can cancel your original reservation by selecting the "My Reservations" link here on our web site, and following the instructions.
    If you have any questions or issues with reservation changes, please don't hesitate to contact us.
  •  What are your cancellation policies?
  • Each hotel has its own deposit and cancellation policy that you should review and understand prior to booking. Cancellation policies can vary by rate, all information will be presented to you prior to making your reservation.
  •  How do I cancel a reservation?
  • You can cancel a reservation by selecting "My Reservations" link here on our web site, and following  the instructions.
    Important Note: Please make sure you consult the specific rate details of your reservation before cancelling. Depending on the hotel and the specific rate, charges and fees may apply.
    If you have any questions or issues with reservation cancellation, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  •  How many people can I have in my room?
  • Our rates are for double occupancy. Hotels may allow more than two people in a room, but not all room types can accommodate more than two people. There may be additional charges for more than two people in a room. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to find a room type suitable to your traveling party.
  •  How and when is my credit card charged?
  • Please rest assured that we use the same infrastructure to deliver your information to hotels as do the world's largest online travel sites. Moreover, our security has been certified by the industry-leading Verisign.
    Upon delivery of your information to the relevant hotel, the timing of your credit card charge depends on the policies of each specific hotel. Some hotels will charge your credit card (as a room deposit) for a portion or all of the room charge up front, while in other cases you are not charged at all until you stay (or if you fail to cancel within the specified time window). Some rates are also completely pre-paid and non-refundable, in which case your credit card will be charged immediately - this information will be clearly presented to you prior to making your reservation. Before you complete your booking here at our site, we will present to you details on each relevant hotel and rate policy.
    If you have any further questions on this topic, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Privacy and Security

  •  How do you protect my privacy? What information is shared and with whom?
  • The Five Star Alliance goes to great lengths to protect your privacy, and at no time will we share any information with any other party without your explicit permission.
    As described in our privacy policy, when you make a reservation on our site, along with the details of your reservation we deliver your contact and payment information to the relevant property. We will never share that information later with any other party.
    The only time we will share any information with other parties is when you specifically opt-in to special offers and requests. These opt-in options will always be clearly presented, and will default to a choice of "no".
    Our company's privacy policy is certified and endorsed by TRUST-e, the leading advocate of Internet privacy. See our complete privacy policy for more information.
  •  Do you store my credit card information?
  • To protect your security, the Five Star Alliance does not store your full credit card information on our servers. We do, however, store only the last 4 digits of your card number so that we can remind you later of the card you used during the reservation process.
    If you have any further questions on this topic, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  •  How secure are your online transactions?
  • The Five Star Alliance goes to great lengths to protect your security. We employ the leading, industry-standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology in order to protect your sensitive information.
    We have been certified by Verisign, the leading Internet security certification company, so you can be assured that we use state of the art technology to protect our online transactions.
    When you make a reservation through the Five Star Alliance, we use the same infrastructure to pass along your information to the relevant property as do the world's most trusted e-commerce sites. You can rest assured that our security measures are world-class.
  •  What are "cookies"? How and why do you use them?
  • We understand well that "cookies" have a bad name, and can be used in a less than straightforward manner. The Five Star Alliance will never exploit our clients in any way through the use of cookies, and we will always be up front about how they are used on our site.
    A "cookie" is an identifying mark that is placed on your computer. We do use "cookies" on our site, but only to help us serve you better, and only when you are on our site. By using cookies, we can save your site preferences and choices, deliver you better search results, and deliver you a better experience.
    Our use of cookies does not allow us in any way to track your activity when you are not actively on our site, nor does it allow any other web site access to your usage of our site.
    We cannot and do not use our cookies to send you unsolicited email spam, or to collect information specifically about you to share with anyone. The only information we store in cookies relates to your search preferences, and your session ID. This information is never shared with any other party.
    Should you have any further questions, please view our privacy policy.

Our Service

  •  How accurate is the information you provide?
  • The Five Star Alliance takes every reasonable effort to ensure that the information that we provide you with is both timely and accurate. We are continuously auditing and updating the content on our site to provide you with the very best information on luxury travel, and we have partnered with the very best information providers on the Web.
    Our unique and proprietary hotel information database is reviewed and updated regularly directly in partnership with the hotel managers. Our editorial content is created and reviewed by some of the most experienced travel experts in the world. Furthermore, our room selections are obtained directly from each specific hotel's main reservations system, so you can be assured that you are seeing the most accurate, up-to-date information.
    If you do find any information that you believe is incomplete or inaccurate, please contact us. Thank you.
  •   How competitive are your rates?
  • The rates we offer are very competitive, and are usually the best generally available rates anywhere on or off the Internet. And they can also be better than that.
    We actively work with hotels to bring you special offers such as room upgrades and best available room guarantees (such as an ocean view). These offers are specially available to customers who book through the Five Star Alliance service.
    Some hotels also present special offers to Five Star Alliance members, bringing you exceptional values and packages that are not available on other general travel booking sites. Free golf, free spa massages, free airport transportation, and complimentary room nights are all examples of special offers that we seek out for Five Star Alliance clients.
    Furthermore, we have joined forces with a partner who helps us negotiate rates that are often times better than those available elsewhere.
    We are confident that for all these reasons, our value-seeking clients will find the Five Star Alliance to be the world's premiere luxury hotel booking service.

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