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Become a Guest Author

Five Star Alliance's award-winning travel blog The Luxury Hotel Insider accepts unsolicited original articles on a variety of luxury travel related topics. Named one of Tripbase's Best Luxury Travel Blogs, the articles feature exclusive information on luxury hotels worldwide including special offers and deals at the world's best hotels.

What You Get
In exchange for your work you’ll receive a byline and a short author bio, and you can publish some form of the article (but not the exact article) on your site as long as you give attribution. You will also receive a link back to your site or blog in your byline.

What We Look For
Articles that reflect the style and tone of The Luxury Hotel Insider. Articles should be written in an easy-to-understand style, properly-attributed, and SEO-friendly. Before you submit, do a search on our blog to see if we've covered the topic before.

A few examples of some of the topics we are interested in:

- Previews of new hotels
- Unique hotel offering (gladiator school, elephant dung coffee, in-house marine biology labs, etc)
- Interesting historical facts and background about hotels (hosted 10,000 weddings, used to be a prison)
- Impressive images of something cool
- Celebrity sightings, celebrity room design, and other pop-culture friendly news.

How to Submit
Submissions may be edited for accuracy, clarity and length. If possible, please include Image URL's you have permission to use. Images should be high-res and at least 800 pixels wide. We reserve the right to use whatever image we see fit. If you would like to use images from the Five Star Alliance site, please send us the image URL.

Please allow a few days for a response to your query.

Thank you for your interest in promoting your work via our site.

If you've like more information about guest blogging, please contact us using the form below. 

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