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Trendy Technology: Porsche Design and Prada Mobile Phones

January 30, 2009 By:Mackenzie Allison

Prada Madness When you step off of the plane, everything has to be on point: Prada tote, check. Prada dress, check. Now, thanks to the help of cell phone company LG, fashionable travelers can add a Prada phone to their list of "musts." The Prada Phone by LG, which comes equipped with a touch screen, sports a sleek design. I can't wait to check out the video player. Other top treats include a music player, macromedia flash UI and document viewer-- so it's easy to look at work on the road.

Trendy Technology Porsche Design and Prada Mobile Phones

Dialing Porsche If you are going to tool around in a Porsche, might as well make your calls on one too. Quickly becoming as synonymous with design of accessories and products as it is with cars, Porsche Design (www.porsche-design.com) just unveiled the second in its line of mobile phones-- the P'9522 (the first, the P’9521, is a flip-top version). The phone is as sleek as Porsche's famed automobiles and is milled from a single solid aluminum block and single sheet of scratchproof glass. The Goods: The touchscreen display makes navigating through menus a snap, while a built-in GPS receiver can be used for navigation purposes-- that's if the pure speed of your Porsche 911 makes you miss your exit. The phone is compatible with most global networks and is sure to be the hot, must-get mobile this year.