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Travel with your iPhone

March 4, 2009 By:Mary Winston Nicklin

iPhoneThere's a slew of new smartphone applications out there targeting the business and leisure traveler. Of the 900+ available, the USAToday recently tested a few of the most popular iPhone travel applications. FlightTrack ($4.99) "provides real-time flight status with scheduled departure and landing times, as well as actual takeoff and projected landing." WorldView Live ($2.99) shows video streams from 6,000 webcams worldwide. Babelingo ($3.99) "contains 300 useful phrases and words in 11 languages." Zagat To Go '09 ($9.99) gives you access to all those whimsical Zagat reviews. Excess Baggage ($1.99) gives you the skinny on all the airlines' policies on baggage. Free aps include Where ("find local points of interest from your current location"), Global Wi-Fi Finder, and Simultravel GPS Lite which "displays an interactive map of hotels near you with their rates on the day of search."

Image Via USAToday