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March 13, 2007| By:Mary Winston Nicklin

Kudos to Paul at A Luxury Travel blog, for compiling the L-List of all those who blog luxury. Here's the deal:
As you may have guessed, L-List stands for Luxury List, and it provides luxury bloggers a means of being discovered. You might be blogging about any aspect of the luxury arena… cars… fashion… food and wine… travel… whatever. My goal is simple: I want the hard work of many luxury bloggers out there (Allison, Ava, Courtney, Deidre, Mary, Nicole, etc. - note to self: where are all the male luxury bloggers?!) to be recognised and hopefully the L-List can help in achieving that. If you're a luxury blogger, here's what you need to do: - Write a post. - Copy/paste the link list (and these instructions!) from the post you've discovered the L-List into it. - Make sure the links are active and correct. - If your blog is on the list, remove it… it’s not a self-promotion post. As Tim Fehlman (Z-List) said : "Don't worry, because if your name is on mine, it's on others and will spread." - Add your favourite luxury blogs on to the list. - Add the URL of the blog where you’ve discovered the L-List as well. - Publish the post. - People will notice the L-List and continue it. OK... here's the list: B Glam blavish Blog-Tique Deluxe Foodaholic Good Luck Deluxe GourmetStation High Chic Janus Thinking Living the Luxe Life Lussorian Luxist Luxury Home Digest Luxury Housing Trends Luxury Portfolio Luxury Reviewer Restaurant Girl Social Diva Sybarites Tango Diva The Delicious Life The Lobby Vagablond Vinography Wine Goddess
I'd add to this list: Happy Hotelier Coolhunter