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Make a Five-Star Bed at Home

January 27, 2009 By:Mary Winston Nicklin

Make a FiveStar Bed at Home

Courtesy of Olga Polizzi, the Director of Design for the Rocco Forte Collection. To get your very own five-star bed like the one pictured above at Prague's magnificent new hotel, The Augustine, try these tips that Olga gave the Guardian:
For the price of one night in a five-star hotel you could buy all you need to turn your bed into one that's worthy of all those stars. It may feel like an extravagance to buy all this at once but it will provide months and months of comfort. • Using pillow protectors under your pillowcases will make your pillows last much longer. • Buy new pillows: they get flat. You'll need four for a bed. • And then a good duvet. Ideally the most expensive ones are down but you can buy feather and down for less. • If you're feeling extravagant, put a nice cotton cover over the duvet. • Fold the top of the sheet over the duvet and tuck the whole thing in. • Make sure your sheets are big enough to hang nearly to the ground on both sides. • You need a top sheet too: lie between them. • Ideally, you would buy a new bed or mattress. (All our five-star hotels have the Rocco Forte bed from Hypnos, hypnosbeds.com) • Buy a natural topper, which is like a really thin duvet, to pull over the mattress (John Lewis, johnlewis.com)