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Introducing the Informed Traveler Flickr Group

April 12, 2006| By:Guest Writer

By Courtney W. May Following in the footsteps of all the travel blogs we admire, The Informed Traveler has set up a Flickr Group for fans and photographers alike to join in the community: The Informed Traveler Flickr Group Want to start a discussion on the most expensive hotel you've ever been to? This is the place to do it. Or maybe you had a really terrible time at that "luxury" hotel and you have pictures to prove it? We want to see those too. We are a public group and anyone interested in upscale travel and lavish hotels should join us to share stories, pictures, and comments. Plus, if you have some awesome photos to share about luxury destinations, you can post them in the group and maybe even be featured on the Blog as an 'Outstanding Traveler'. We try to use the photos of reader and community members when possible, so get them up there for us to feature with our stories. Don't yet have a Flickr or Yahoo account? You can sign up here.