What is a Concierge or Club Floor?

December 19, 2018| By:Five Star Alliance

As a hotel tries to meet the needs of as wide a variety of customers as possible, they may diversify their offering by providing a concierge or club floor. These amenities cater to more discerning customers who seek additional amenities and services. Here is a basic breakdown of how a concierge or club floor works.

What It Is

Known also as an Executive Level or by another distinguishing term, a concierge or club floor is an area where guests who have either paid for or qualified for certain privileges have the privileges offered to them. Think of it as first class on an airplane. Most people get on a plane in order to get from point A to point B, and they are satisfied if that objective is met. However, those in first class enjoy certain amenities such as nicer seats, more leg room, a wider food or beverage selection, etc. They are also willing to pay for an upgraded room that includes these additional amenities and benefits. 

How Concierge Service Benefits the Hotel

People tend to want good service that is dependable. In the hospitality business, “dependable” also means “predictable.” When a hotel can tell a certain class of guest that they will get quality service in a predictable fashion, the guest is more likely to return. The most expensive room in a hotel is an empty one—expensive for the hotel, that is. Keeping guests in the rooms is crucial to maintaining a profit. Providing concierge service keeps guests coming back. In addition, the kind of guest that pays extra for concierge service also tends to spend more money elsewhere on things in the hotel. This could include meals, drinks, and uncovered amenities. So getting the guest in the door using a concierge service will likely result in more revenue from other things the guest purchases.

How Concierge Service Benefits You

If you are interested in concierge service, you may be surprised to learn that it can save you valuable time and even money. For instance, you can get express check-in. If you have a meeting to attend and you have limited time to get there, express check-in could save you the embarrassment of arriving late. And if the meeting involves closing a deal—as many meetings do—the money you made from properly closing the deal will likely be offset by any you spend on concierge service. 

How You Benefit: Membership-Based Concierge Service

Frequently, concierge service comes due to a membership with a hotel. The types of benefits are usually determined based on how many stays you book per year. The more stays you book, the more benefits you get. This is where you really can start to see some benefits. Although you are paying to stay in the hotel several or many times in a year, your benefits are provided at no extra cost. For instance, If you get free breakfast, that is one less expense. Or if you get free WiFi, that is also an expense you can avoid paying. 

In the end, you can both have a great, relaxing time, and get some extra benefits. And it never hurts to get treated like a VIP.

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