What Are Resort Fees?

December 19, 2018| By:Five Star Alliance

Hotels offer a truly unique experience, a remote retreat with both the comforts of home and special amenities that make your stay a memorable one. There’s nothing like a relaxing rest in a fresh hotel bed. The money guests pay for things other than the cost of sleeping in their room is called a resort fee. We’re going to examine some examples of resort fees to understand exactly how they work.

Resort Fees and WiFi

As mentioned, resort fees cover things guests pay for that are not included with their room. Usually, the resort fee is a straight up fee that is meant to cover a whole host of things. You pay a flat rate, and after that, you’re all set. For example, a resort fee may cover the cost of providing WiFi. With all of the users or potential users in the hotel, a large amount of bandwidth will be needed to meet their needs. Routers to expand the network also cost money. Add to that the cost of maintaining all of these components, and you end up with a pretty hefty sum. In order to continue to provide excellent WiFi service, a resort fee is charged.

Resort Fees and the Fitness Center

Although the recurring cost of a fitness center may be different from that of WiFi, it is still considerable. One of the biggest components is the cost of heating or cooling the space. After the equipment is purchased, the area has to be made comfortable for guests to use. The cost of electricity or gas will typically affect how much the hotel or resort has to shell out for this. A resort fee allows guests to enjoy this precious amenity that allows us to stay fit while on vacation.

Resort Fees and Food and Snacks

Like everything else, food and tasty snacks at a resort cost money. To cover this cost, you may get charged a resort fee. The good news is you and your family can eat what you like and not have to worry about paying extra, giving you more time to focus on fun and relaxation.

Convenience for Everyone 

Even if you’re not going to use some or all of the things covered by the resort fee, you still have to pay it. In the event you do use it, your usage has been covered. Moreover, this is a safe way for the resort or hotel to make sure they cover their most essential costs. Sometimes the hotel or resort tells you you’re paying the resort fee, and sometimes they do not. Either way, it is not a hidden cost. You can look for it in the disclosed terms or on your bill. It may also go by one of the following labels: facility charge, amenity fee, or a resort charge.

The important thing, fee or no fee, is you know what you’re paying, so don’t be afraid to ask about resort fees if it’s unclear.

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