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Tired of your typical vacation spots and looking to spice up your plans with a visit away from the norm? Then you’ll love our new blog series, Emerging Destinations! We’ll be featuring an exciting hotspot with every post that’s not your typical resort. So whether you’re looking for an exciting adventure or simply an escape to a new world, we guarantee to awaken your intrepid spirit, encouraging you to take a leap of faith and check out a new location for your next vacation!

Our first featured locale (drumroll please) is Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam! According to Travelagentcentral.com, Vietnam is an emerging destination for high-end travelers, and with tourism on the rise, this once predominantly rural country is becoming a vacation hotspot. The Caravelle Hotel, located in the enchanting and captivating city of Ho Chi Minh, offers traditional refinement in an environment that is both elegant and sophisticated. From floating down the Saigon River in a water taxi to exploring the cultural streets of Lam Son Square, Ho Chi Minh City is sure to be an incredible adventure. After a day of exhausting exploration, unwind at the Saigon Saigon Bar, which offers live music and a breath-taking view of the city, assault your taste buds at Reflections, a restaurant serving fusion cuisine, and get pampered at the recently renovated spa facilities. Where are all of these amenities, you ask? They’re all at the Caravelle Hotel, so the next time you’re debating which country to visit, consider the adventure that awaits you in Vietnam!