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All Quiet on the Waterfront: Biras Creek Resort

December 13, 2011By: Christopher Roney

Normally when you talk about luxury travel, alongside high-quality service, you're looking for convenience.  But occasionally another kind of luxury comes along, where exclusivity trumps ease of travel, and the feeling of remote tropical beaches is worth an extra leg of the journey.  The Biras Creek Resort is just such a hotel.  Situated on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands, it is only accessible by boat or helicopter.  Even day travelers using the marina aren't allowed full access to the resort's facilities.  But if you get on the bouncer's shortlist, you'll be enjoying swimming, sailing, and snorkeling around a 140-acre peninsula surrounded by three distinct bodies of water: a protected island lagoon, the Caribbean Bay, and the vast Atlantic Ocean.  You couldn't ask for a more romantic site for a trip-for-two.  

Thirty-one suites each hold a special privacy, and the limited number of guests means you can quickly establish a rapport with the bartender, who will come to know your favorite drink, and maybe even have it ready for you when you roll up to the bar.  The Biras Creek Resort is the perfect balance of elegance and soft-spoken, informal exclusivity.  


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