Taj Tashi

| Chubachu, Bhutan
Taj Tashi
Taj Tashi
Taj Tashi
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Set in the heart of the Thimphu Valley, the Taj Tashi, is a gateway to a land steeped in mythology and magic. The mountain kingdom of Bhutan remains one of the old world’s last few strongholds, as yet unspoilt by civilization. In the charmed isolation of the Himalayan heights, Bhutan’s ancient and alluring ways of Mahayana Buddhism continue richly intact to this day, and permeate every aspect of Bhutanese life and art.

In keeping with the enchanting surrounds, the hotel is a blend of Bhutan’s Dzong architecture and modern design. Adorned with classical hand-drawn Buddhist murals, its 66 elegant guestrooms afford guests striking highlights of the region’s art and colour. Besides breathtaking views of the mountains that rise above the Thimphu valley.

Continuing the journey into mystical Bhutan at the Taj Tashi, guests can sample Bhutan’s fiery cuisine, gaze at the mesmerising prayer wheels through its panoramic windows, make short but rewarding forays into the vibrant local markets, pleasantly while their time in one of the hotel’s traditional themed cafe’s and restaurants, or find yet more ways to relax with a special Bhutanese Hot Stone Bath at the Jiva Spa.

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Taj Tashi
Chubachu, Bhutan
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