Amankora, Paro

| Paro, Bhutan
Amankora, Paro
Amankora, Paro
Amankora, Paro
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Occupying the high mountain valleys between China to the north and India to the south, Bhutan has long been a mystery to the West. The Kingdom has maintained its traditional Mahayana Buddhist way of life for centuries and the rugged, unspoiled, mountainous terrain has nurtured numerous ethnic groups within its remote, protective folds. These distinct cultural and linguistic traditions continue to this day, uninfluenced by the outside world.

Amanresorts has been accorded a great privilege in being the first foreign company allowed to open a series of properties throughout different regions of Bhutan. Amankora, combining the word "aman" (or "peace" in Sanskrit) with "pilgrimage" and "journey" in Dzongkha, marks a unique entry into a secluded kingdom whose pristine Himalayan landscapes and remarkably preserved way of life have fascinated travellers the world over. Situated in Balakha Village, 20 minutes from Paro Airport, the resort is in the shadows of the imposing remains of the 17th century Drukyel Dzong.

Amankora, Paro is located approximately 2,520 meters above sea level. The suites feature natural rammed-earth walls, gently sloping roofs and wood-panelled interiors with a king-size bed, a traditional bukhari wood-burning stove and a large terrazzo-clad bath. The views take in Drukyel Dzong and stretch to 7,300m high, snow-capped Jhomolhari and beyond. The suites are similar in design. There are six blocks with four suites each, two on the ground floor and two on the upper floor.

To facilitate your adventure of discovery in Bhutan, Amanresorts has created The Amankora Journey to provide the opportunity to explore some of the marvels of the Kingdom over seven days. Traversing the remote valleys and high passes of Paro, Thimphu (the site of Bhutan's capital) Punakha and Haa, the route traverses dramatic, untouched landscapes, awesome dzongs (the traditional fortress monasteries) and small villages. The Amankora Journey through the Land of the Thunder Dragon commences at Amankora, Paro, where the first two nights are spent. This is followed by a two-night stay at each of two lodges- Zangtopelri, set high above Punakha Valley, and Jumolhari, located in the heart of the capital city of Thimphu. The journey concludes back in Paro where the final night is spent at Amankora. Neither of the above two lodges mentioned is managed by Amanresorts and are expected to be replaced in 2005 by Amankora, Punakha and Amankora, Thimphu respectively.

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