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Hotel Goldener Hirsch | Salzburg, Austria
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In the baroque centre of Salzburg, City of Mozart, in the famous Getreidegasse stands the Hotel Goldener Hirsch, rich in its tradition of luxury and combining the romantic magic of the 15th century with the luxury of a modern hotel. The Hotel Goldener Hirsch owes its individualistic charm to its management. Every guest is a "friend of the house" and is greeted as such with cordial warmth and is served with pleasure. In spite of it's international reputation, the "Goldener Hirsch" - with only 69 rooms a small hotel - has kept the character of an elegant private home. However, the reputation of the Hotel and the Restaurant Goldener Hirsch are linked inseperably. The excellent cuisine caters for government receptions, weddings in castles and other events. Where ever gourmet services and perfectly trained staff are in need, the "Goldener Hirsch" will live up to it's reputation.

The Hotel Goldener Hirsch in Salzburg, today meeting-place for the international society, dates back to 1407, when it opened its doors as an inn. Since 1564 the name Guldener Hirsch appears. The facades of the historical building and the adjoining building, which was acquired in the Seventies, have been kept simple and unobtrusive. Understatement to the outside, charming luxury only behind the bulky old door. Decorated in local Austrian style and updated with state-of-the art amenities, the hotel harmoniously combines tradition and style.

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Hotel Goldener Hirsch
Salzburg, Austria