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Grand Hotel Palazzo Della Fonte | Fiuggi, Italy
Exterior Front Entrance
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At dawn when a gentle mist blurs the contours of the landscape from a distance the town of Fiuggi seems to be enclosed by a thousand trees and illuminated by a hundred little lights. The building all low and harmoniously inserted into the landscape climbs up onto the Terrinoni hillside like the bell tower of a church, a villa hidden in the greenery, or the turrets of a medieval castle. Amongst all what stands out from the rest is the imposingly beautiful facade of the Grand Hotel Palazzo della Fonte an exclusive hotel that is considered to be one of Italy's most romantic today. Unlike many early century villas transformed into hotels, the Palazzo was born as a hotel enabling it to conserve the fascinating sinuous outlines characteristics of liberty style more than any other examples of all this can be seen in the rooms, in the hotels public areas and especially in the grandiose hall where precious marble and scintillating crystal give it the atmosphere of a grandiose princely villa. Sojourning at the Palazzo signifies not only spending a holiday in the midst of luxury elegance and refined cuisines in a serene and relaxing setting. Furthermore, the hotel houses a modern well-equipped health club including a spectacular covered swimming pool with a beautiful view of the surrounding hillsides. At the center it is possible to follow personalized programs as well as numerous and effective beauty care treatments.

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Grand Hotel Palazzo Della Fonte
Fiuggi, Italy