Ksar Char-Bagh

| Marrakech, Morocco
Ksar Char-Bagh
Ksar Char-Bagh
Ksar Char-Bagh
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Ksar Char-Bagh has been inspired by the 14th century Moorish architecture. The courtyard is an homage to this style and art of life - carved plasters, marbles, murmuring water and perfumed scents. Inside and outside, running water and criss-crossing streams symbolise the rivers of paradise. This is the meaning of Char-Bagh, the fundamental link between water and life. A Guests' Palace -Ksar Char-Bagh is a private palace that opens it's doors to receive privileged guests. Not more than 26 persons can share the large spaces and enjoy the palace. Even a few days spent there is a voyage. The Gardens - Water runs in the seguias from the small village to the tennis court amidst century-old olive-trees, near the reservoir fed with fresh water from the Atlas mountains. At the far end of the path through the fruits orchad lies the farm with its small stalls made from pis - traditional earth walls- and the medieval kitchen garden.

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Did You Know? Ksar Char-Bagh
Did You Know? Ksar Char-Bagh
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Ksar Char-Bagh
Marrakech, Morocco
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