Anse Chastanet Resort

| Soufriere, Saint Lucia
Anse Chastanet Resort
Anse Chastanet Resort
Anse Chastanet Resort
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Ever since architect Nick Troubetzkoy first purchased the first 14 hillside units, and throughout the expansion and renovation that followed, design in harmony with nature, complementing the island's natural beauty, has remained his focal point. The 600-acre site is a lush garden of tropical foliage bordering one of the island's best beaches, where soft silver sands dip into the clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean. A second beach, Anse Mamin, belonging to the estate is just around the corner and can be reached by the Resort's water taxi. St Lucia's trademark green peaks - the Gros and Petit Pitons - make for a dramatic backdrop. No two rooms at Anse Chastanet are exactly alike. Twelve beach level units are tucked away behind the coconut palms, just steps from the water's edge and the resort's renowned SSI Platinum Pro/PADI dive facility. Perched on the hill are Anse Chastanet's original rooms; cheery white-washed cottages with wrap-around wooden balconies. These octagonal-shaped "gazebos" offer splendid views of the Pitons and the sea, framed by an abundance of flourishing blossoms. Chairs and beds are covered in madras prints - a traditional island fabric of bright plaid woven with the same colors as the ginger lilies, anthuriums and bougainvilleas found in every room.

Further up the hill are Anse Chastanet's deluxe suites, where Nick Troubetzkoy's architectural imagination can best be appreciated. Roomy is hardly the word to describe them. Immense is more accurate. And the sense of space is even further enhanced by the fact that as little as possible is between guests and their natural surroundings, with entire walls open to the vistas. Indeed, it's even hard to say where the inside stops and the outside begins: a flamboyant tree drops its red-blossomed branches gently over the balcony in one room, the veranda of another was actually built around a red gommier tree. And the famous showers-with-a-view in the premium suites are a unique luxury of Anse Chastanet.

Anse Chastanet's ever growing art collection provides a visual feast of its own. Public areas and guest rooms all feature original artworks by both local and international artists who have come to Anse Chastanet for inspiration and who have added some of their work to the resort's collection. There are impressive wooden sculptures and plaques, earthy burlap compositions, painted "sky ceilings" and vibrant acrylic paintings invoking memories of Matisse and Picasso. The Resort's art gallery has an impressive variety of artworks for sale.

While the sensuous seclusion of the rooms provides some guests with the perfect excuse for lolling away the day on the balcony, others head out to partake of the many activities on offer; snorkeling, scuba diving, tennis, sunset sailing, jungle biking, "kool kayaking" or a nature walk among the ruins of a colonial plantation.

The less actively inclined "simply do nothing," lie on the beach or enjoy one of the therapeutic body and beauty treatments offered by Anse Chastanet's spa, Kai Belte, located at beach level.

There's also a casual, beach side bar and restaurant and a panoramic hillside terrace where breakfast and afternoon tea are served daily. Dinners are a romantic candlelit affair with a daily changing menu celebrating Tropical World Cuisine, with musical backdrops provided by local entertainers.

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