Hotel Orfila

| Madrid, Spain
Hotel Orfila
Hotel Orfila
Hotel Orfila
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The small XIX century palace was transformed into a hotel in 1999, respecting the majestic style of the era, at the same time as installing all the appropriate commodities for a luxuorious establishment from the end of the nineteenth century. Only a year after it opened, the hotel joined the Relais Chateaux Chain of hotels, a group of the most prestigious hotels in the world. The hotels belonging to the Relais Chateaux must have 4 or 5 stars and less than 100 rooms, and be outstanding their strict respect for the five concepts that define the philosophy of this hotel chain: character, courtesy, charm and cuisine. Located in a quite exclusive residential area in the cultural and business centre of Madrid, this creates a framework for a different concept of the hotel business in the capital of Spain.

The hotel has 32 rooms, 12 of which are suites, where the best amenities may be enjoyed in one of the best hotels in Madrid. It is the only hotel in Madrid where every room is different with regards to its architecture and decoration. The furniture, all from the XIX Century, has been brought directly from different European countries. So the chairs from Venice are mixed with the bathrobes embroidered with the initials of the regular clients. Maximum attention is given to every detail. Luxury, refinement and comfort make it possible for the client to feel as if he/she were living in the XIX century.

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Hotel Orfila
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