The Chedi Andermatt

| Andermatt, Postfach 162, Switzerland
Lounge at Chedi Andermatt
Gemstock Suite at Chedi Andermatt
Indoor Pool with Comfortable Lounge at Chedi Andermatt
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The Chedi Andermatt is a centerpiece for attractive hospitality, with its own attached golf course and comprising a newly constructed indoor and outdoor sports center giving the guarantee of all year round leisure opportunities, in particular offering a wide range of Wellness programs, including swimming and fitness training. The quality and refinement of the facilities at The Chedi Andermatt echo the splendor of its alpine surroundings. They guarantee an atmosphere attuned to exhilaration and tranquility alike.

The spa and wellness centre is lavishly equipped with state of the art gym, spectacular pool and relaxation area. The treatment rooms proffer the option of nourishing your well-being by delighting in beneficial holistic therapies. Spend time in the calming lounge stylish wine and cigar room or apres-ski bar, all of which are richly presented to help you unwind. Or you may choose fine dining from one of two superior gourmet restaurants.

The Chedi Andermatt is set within an unblemished natural landscape. It is where Swiss tradition and heritage meet celebrated contemporary design creating a stunning all year round invigorating and renewing holiday destination.

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The Chedi Andermatt
Andermatt, Postfach 162, Switzerland
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