The Bonerowski Palace

| Cracow, Poland
Luxury Suite Living Area at The Bonerowski Palace, Poland
The Bonerowski Palace, Poland
Guest Room at The Bonerowski Palace, Poland
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The Bonerowski Palace is situated in the heart of Krakow, on the corner of Św. Jana Street and the Old Market Square. It is seated in a meticulously restored and richly refurbished UNESCO edifice of the Middle Ages. The elegant interior of the palace contains both unique polychromes and beams, gothic column, antique stone safe, as well as modern forms and technologies, serving to the safety of the guests. The palace also prides itself on the Europe longest, 22-meter long chandelier. The palace windows face an incredible sight of St. Mary Basilica, Drapers Hall (Sukiennice), St.Wojciech’s Church and the statue of Adam Mickiewicz.

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The Bonerowski Palace
Cracow, Poland
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