Banyan Tree Hangzhou

| Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China
Banyan Tree Hangzhou
Banyan Tree Hangzhou
Banyan Tree Hangzhou
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Discover priceless tranquility in Banyan Tree Hangzhou. Let the splendour of nature and centuries old cultural legacy enthrall you. Enveloped in lush greeneries and calm waters, Banyan Tree Hangzhou sits within China’s first wetland reserve, the Xixi National Wetland Park, home to an amazing wealth of thriving plant and animal life.

Within Xixi National Wetland Park, a ‘living water park’ has been preserved by recovery of wetland areas and restoration of ecological systems, paving the way for the establishment of fish ponds and reedbeds, and reintroduction of 270 biological species such as persimmon, mulberry, bamboo, willow and camphor trees. Guests may visit various attractions within the reserve, including the Plum Villa, Autumn Snow Temple, Yanshui Fishing Villa, and Xixi Family House, which provide the historical and cultural stories of the Hangzhou region.

From its tiled roofs and ivory walls, to the elaborate décor of each suite and villa, Banyan Tree Hangzhou is an exemplary depiction of traditional Chinese architecture and modern comforts, set within tranquil natural surroundings.

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Banyan Tree Hangzhou
Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China
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