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Hidden in a picturesque valley, Amanfayun enjoys a serene setting surrounded by tea fields, natural forest, quaint villages and a pilgrimage circuit of five significant Buddhist temples. Established during the Tang Dynasty, the property is comprised of 47 dwellings that originally housed villagers who tended the nearby tea fields. This secluded retreat is only a 20-minute drive along bamboo and tree-lined avenues from the centre of the bustling city of Hangzhou. Once described by Marco Polo as "The city of heaven", Hangzhou is still today regarded as the most beautiful city in China due to its tranquil West Lake, countless pagodas, historic temples, botanical gardens and vast wetland areas.

Located in the centre of the property is the most commanding of all the original structures. Two stately courtyard houses have been carefully linked to become the resort’s main meeting area. Known as Fayun Place, it is only accessible to guests of Amanfayun. The lower level with its soaring ceilings and refined lattice work houses the property’s guest assistants, adept at introducing Hangzhou’s many attractions. Also on the lower floor is a lounging area where light traditional snacks and tea are served. The upper level features a Cigar Room and informal sitting and reading rooms.

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