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Arosa Kulm Hotel and Alpin Spa | Arosa, Switzerland
Arosa Kulm Hotel and Alpin Spa
Arosa Kulm Hotel and Alpin Spa
Arosa Kulm Hotel and Alpin Spa
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“Nature is just glorious, bejewelled forests, grandiose mountain peaks, beautiful valleys, crystal clear air” – these are the impressions of Arosa by Christian Morgenstern, German poet and author, in his diary of November 1901. What was valid then, is still very true today. Escape the daily grind, fill up your energy levels and join us in Arosa. We are expecting you with great pleasure at your Arosa Kulm Hotel & Alpin Spa – Welcome at home!

The magnificent mountain scenery around the Arosa offers pure regeneration. Experiencing natural surroundings and simultaneously feeling that all is well with your body again is perhaps what is most appealing about relaxation. In the Arosa Kulm Hotel there are a range of activities on offer that help you quickly forget about the stress of everyday working life.

In our alpinspa, we unite an array of practices in the most beautiful surroundings. Everyone would like to foster their well-being, bestow harmony on their mind and soul, wander relaxed through their own body. Take the time to develop new energies, give yourself over to gentle hands, pleasant aromas, seductive sounds and the most varied forms of the most pleasant existence. Life loves balance, the singular feeling of the ideal interaction of body, mind and soul.

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Arosa Kulm Hotel and Alpin Spa
Arosa, Switzerland