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Park Hotel Bremen | Bremen, Germany
Park Hotel Bremen
Park Hotel Bremen
Park Hotel Bremen
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An idyllic atmosphere, culinary surprises, a temple to wellness where you can unwind, and an ideal setting for celebrations and gatherings of any size. These are some of the things that make the Park Hotel Bremen a treat for all your senses. Classical elegance, high-ceilinged, light-filled rooms, sophisticated furnishings and luxurious fabrics – plus, of course, attentive service from our staff for each and every guest. These are the things that give the Dorint Park Hotel Bremen its special atmosphere.

At the Dorint Park Hotel Bremen you can enjoy your stay in exactly the way you choose. Lovingly designed guest areas decorated with sophisticated artwork and furniture – and levels of service that meet your every need – help to create the perfect environment for your stay.

Spa´rks, our 1,200 square-metre, generously appointed oasis dedicated to fitness, wellness and beauty, offers guests a uniquely relaxing experience. It´s a genuine paradise where you can unwind in a heated outdoor pool, whirlpool bath, steam bath and tanning salon. And what´s more, there is a wide and varied range of treatments and cosmetic therapies to choose from.

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Park Hotel Bremen
Bremen, Germany