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ITC Windsor | Bangalore , Karnataka, India
ITC Windsor
ITC Windsor
ITC Windsor
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The ITC Windsor, Bengaluru merges an old world ambiance with international service to create a hotel experience that goes beyond expectation. The hotel has long acquired a reputation of playing host to the aristocracy of the world.

Colonnaded, balustraded and chandeliered, the Windsor is sprawled lavishly on a promontory, with the stories of the Manor Overlooking the rolling greens of the Bangalore Golf Club.

As one is driven over the bridge to the ITC Windsor, and through the grand entrance, one can't but help feeling a transition within. The modern world with its many realities slowly fades out of existence. In its place emerges a gracious old world, beautiful, caring and charming. Imposing Regency Architecture, Victorian Decor, Spacious Grounds and Service of an unobtrusive, even colonial nature.

The splendid setting of the Manor with its majestic and imposing white edifice reflecting Regency architecture, replete with fluted pillars, Georgian windows and period furniture. The very air achieves a certain languid, unhurried ambiance strongly reminiscent of the Raj.

The colonial magnificence is accentuated further by the repertoire of grand cuisines belonging to the "Silk and Spice Route", "Indigenous India" and the erstwhile "Jolly Nabobs."

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ITC Windsor
Bangalore , Karnataka, India