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San Montano Resort and Spa | Ischia, Italy
San Montano Resort and Spa
San Montano Resort and Spa
San Montano Resort and Spa
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If your idea of a holiday resort is a secluded island atmosphere, San Montano Resort and Spa meets your needs. It seems to hang suspended between sky and sea and the breathtaking sea view nearly overwhelms the senses: the island´s indented coast, Naples, volcano Vesuvius and the Sorrentine peninsula to the east; the lush green slopes of Mount Epomeo to the south; to the west gentle hills dropping into deep blue water under an orange flame sunset, through which the island of Ventotene glimmers often in the distance; the Flegrea area coast to the north.

The air is full of wild fragrances from the numerous varieties of aromatic and exotic plants enticing the senses with their smells and shapes. Beautiful shades dominate the landscape: the sea is as blue as the sky above on a clear day against which the lush green park and gently-rolling hills stand out. The park facilities include two outdoor swimming pools, bowling, private parking lot and natural sauna.

The sun shines down brightly over the outdoor pools from dawn to sunset. An indoor tunnel connects the thermal water pool with whirls and the hotel for a wallow in the pleasantly warm water (between 32° and 37° C) even in the cold winter days.

The sea water swimming pool is 1 to 3 m deep. Not far from the pool a natural sauna vents steam in a grotto dug out of the rock. The sun deck is the ideal place to relax and entertain all day long while enjoying the pleasure of sipping a cocktail or tasting some of our delicious snacks beside the pool.

The hotel amenities include access to the most beautiful beach on the island, San Montano Beach, including shuttle bus and towel.

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San Montano Resort and Spa
Ischia, Italy