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The Point

| Saranac Lake, NY, United States
The Point Boathouse Accommodations
The Point Exterior
The Point View of the Adirondacks
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The Point is a world apart. An all-inclusive resort property on the edge of a shining mountain lake. A Great Camp of the Great North Woods, built by William Avery Rockefeller a century ago as his family's private home. Today The Point is a resort like no other, a magnificent log retreat full of priceless art and fine antiques, where guests gather as the high society of the Gilded Ages once did at vibrant house parties deep in the forest.

As a guest of The Point, the secluded, 75-acre property is yours, the days unfold at your leisure, and the staff anticipates your every need. Each meal is an event, each day an adventure, each night a celebration. It is simple, splendid, authentic. It is a perfect place.

Eleven distinctive guestrooms are spread among the four original log buildings of The Point. Each has a broad lake view, a huge, hand-built bed and a sumptuous private bath, often with the camp's original brass or chrome fixtures. Rich fabrics, fine antiques, 19th Century oil paintings and whimsical rustic furnishings make each guestroom a retreat of great comfort and peace, with a welcoming sitting area facing a huge stone fireplace. Smooth walls of native pine, spruce and fir are hand-waxed to a glowing, honeyed hue. A book, a crackling fire, a glass of wine, the bright lake and dark green woods framed in the leaded windows: all contribute to a feeling of deep and lasting well-being.

The Point is proud to offer guests a truly world-class cuisine prepared by Chef Mark Levy and his incredibly talented team. Each meal is an exciting occasion, planned weeks in advance, taking into account the dietary restrictions of each guest, and made from food from local farms or rarities flown in from afar. Many life-long friendships are forged around the twin tables of the Great Hall, and the room rings with laughter and lively conversation as course after course arrives at the table.

As at any house party, guests at The Point usually dine together, most often in the Great Hall – although snow barbecues at the lean-to, luncheons on the terrace, island picnics, or cocktails on the Elco are mainstays as well. Dining together is often the thing guests love most about their visit. Of course, if you prefer, you may dine by yourself, or with other guests, in your room, in the pub or set up another location on the property.

At The Point, the day is yours to enjoy the way you want. There is nothing you have to do, and a great deal you can do. Each season holds special delights in the Adirondacks. Winter, quilted with snow, lends the woods and buildings a magical quiet and beauty. Cross-country skis and snowshoes help guests find a path into a world of white, while on the frozen lake, skating, curling and ice fishing are iconic pleasures. The nearby village of Lake Placid, host of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics, offers a wide array of activities, from downhill skiing at the legendary Whiteface Mountain to the only public bobsled and luge runs in the country. The great athletes of the world come to practice at Lake Placid, and their games and rehearsals are often open to the public. Inside The Point, winter is warm and welcoming, with blazing fires, old movies, mulled wines, darts and pool, and good company. The Point can arrange a visit from a certified massage therapist for an in-room massage by the fire.

When the snow has gone, the Adirondacks are a landscape of shimmering lakes and cascading streams, vast timberlands and soaring mountains with views clear to Canada. The air is sweet and clear. Days at The Point unfold with boating, fishing, tennis, waterskiing, croquet, badminton, swimming and hiking. Canoes, mahogany electric inboards and Adirondack Guide Boats are on hand, for some secrets of the lake can only be discovered from the vantage of a boat. Nearby are golf, horseback riding, hunting, antiquing and some of the best trout and bass fishing in the country ... though a hammock swaying under the high pines can be a great temptation. As the sun sets, the big Elco launch sets out for an evening cocktail cruise, a perfect cap to a perfect day.

Please Note: This hotel property may offer both all-inclusive and room-only rates. Please read the rate description information carefully and contact us if you have any questions about what’s included in the room rate.

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The Point
Saranac Lake, NY, United States
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