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Thorngrove Manor Hotel | Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Thorngrove Manor Hotel
Thorngrove Manor Hotel
Thorngrove Manor Hotel
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Thorngrove Manor in Stirling, Adelaide has been described as one of the world's outstanding luxury hotels. A recipient of many awards, this is no ordinary hotel. Indeed, to call it so belies its true character. Thorngrove Manor with historic European-style gardens and architecture is set in a specified country living zone surrounded by green leafy lanes, all within a designated area of the Adelaide Hills, significant for its abundant trees, a variety of native bird life and fresh country air.

Thorngrove Manor, Stirling is unique in both design and vision. The baroque towers and fantasy turrets are clues to the flamboyant interiors. Antiques, hand painted friezes, stencils and appealing artworks exploit the diverse room shapes to create an escapist's dream. There is imagination behind the decor, variations on a theme that renders each room a masterpiece in its own right. Inspired by the grandeur of European opulence, but with an Australian twist, it is as unexpected as a theatrical plot! The attention to detail is meticulous; the service personal, the soul of discretion. Every modern facility has been discreetly woven into this romantic wonderland. Privacy is absolute, you may never see the other guests. The dining and comfort levels surpass all five star ratings. Romantics - this could be journey's end!

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Did You Know? Thorngrove Manor Hotel
Did You Know? Thorngrove Manor Hotel
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Thorngrove Manor Hotel
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia