Wild and Wacky Guest Requests, Courtesy of Forbes.com

January 9, 2009 By:K. Clare Johnson

Think wanting extra towels and a robe is a lot? Topnotch at StoweYou've got nothing on these luxury travelers. Forbes.com has just come out with a list of outrageous guest requests, which include Setai Miami, where the concierge had to arrange for a guest's girlfriend's tiger to emigrate to London. A celebrity rugby fan at Ritz Carlton Georgetown requested and got a special satellite dish in order to watch his favorite Aussie matches. Getting a little weirder, Topnotch at Stow Resort and Spa had a bellman dressed as a gorilla rapping. In Serbian. It gets stranger from there, so check out all the odd and over-the-top requests luxury hotel concierges have had to deal with.