Trendy Technology Part II: Leica Camera and Sony Vaio P-Series Notebook

February 11, 2009 By:Mackenzie Allison

Ok, so at this point you have probably already snagged one of the ultra-hip phones by Prada or Porsche-- now on to other cool technology.

Posh Pix

Trendy Technology Part II Leica Camera and Sony Vaio PSeries NotebookPolaroids have been out for a while, so I'm sure you are using a less archaic camera to take postcard-perfect pictures. However, if you are thinking of upgrading, check out the Leica D-Lux 4 Digital Camera in titanium. This fancy gadget is lightweight and sports a high-performance, fast precision lens. Its high speed also makes the camera ideal for available light exposures. For the adventure-seeking traveler with a photographer's eye, the D-Lux 4's integrated image stabilizer protects against camera shake in all photographic situations-- so you can bring back pristine images of those safari and rafting trips. This sleek camera is now available with a matching leather case.

Sony's Laptop Lite

Trendy Technology Part II Leica Camera and Sony Vaio PSeries NotebookAt long last there is a laptop for the leisure traveler. It is obvious that people want to stay connected while on vacation; they just don't want to lug a bulky laptop with them. Solution: The 8-inch Sony Vaio P-Series Netbook. Weighing a paltry 1.4 pounds, this laptop is thin as a cell phone, but not flimsy. I like to think of this laptop as a second home: not your primary computer or laptop, but the one you use to stay connected to the Internet (it has a built-in Wi-Fi receptor). Although the keyboard is small, you won't find it difficult to bang out an e-mail. The laptop runs on Windows Vista, supports all the software programs found in full-sized notebooks and comes with my seal of approval!