Tips for Luxury Travel at an Affordable Price

March 16, 2009 By:Alison Victor

Intercontinental Bangkok"I have booked a room at this rate for the Intercontinental Bangkok , but I see the same room now on your site for much cheaper. Can I get the new rate?"

Times are tough, and it's easy to see why someone would want to save money where ever possible. This question about prices is one I get often. Generally speaking, the tips I have for getting the best rate for a luxury hotel on the Five Star Alliance website really have to do with paying attention to the details. When booking a room, the biggest suggestion I have would be to check the cancellation policy. You can find some great deals right now, but always know what the specific rules are for that hotel's rate. Some rates are non-cancelable, and so once booked, you are locked in to paying that specific price. If you do find a great hotel at a good price, and you have adequate time to cancel the room before arrival, then I always suggest booking it at that price, and just checking back periodically on the Five Star Alliance website to see if there are any last minute deals or packages.