The Way of the Future: The New Aircruise Design Concept is a Floating Hotel

February 4, 2010 By:Mary Winston Nicklin




Continuing our quest to bring you deets on the newest (and often weirdest) hotel accommodation options out there... CNN is reporting that "floating hotels" may be the way of the future. We're not talking floating hotels like the pyramid bobbing in the currents off Cancun, or permanently anchored luxury cruise ships... No, this floating hotel is an airship powered by natural energy:


The Aircruise is a radical new design that promises to accommodate guests in a 265-meter tall hotel that could float above city skylines or over dramatic landscapes according to its designers at Seymourpowell.


The experience is described as like taking a cruise, but high above the earth, so that the 100 lucky passengers can take in vistas of the Serengeti, or the tallest skyscraper in the world, in a serene environment. The beauty of this luxury airship? The head of transportation at Seymourpowell says it best: "The Aircruise concept questions whether the future of luxury travel should be based around space-constrained, resource hungry, and all too often stressful airline travel."


Via Gridskipper