Destination Clubs vs. Luxury Hotels: Cost Per Night

October 9, 2006 By:Guest Writer

Destination Club

From the Helium Report

Every week, the Helium Report-- the experts on fractional ownership-- receives several requests from readers for their "Cost-per-Night" model which they built in Excel. (Destination clubs are often described as a hybrid between luxury resort rentals and five-star hotels; the fee structure is closer to membership in your local country club: a large up-front deposit with annual dues.) The propietary tool helps prospective members compare the cost of destination clubs to other luxury travel alternatives such as five-star hotels or villa rentals. Helium Report has just announced their first "widget"-- an online version of the "Cost-per-night" calculator. Now you can enter your own assumptions directly in the tool here to determine the nightly rate for any club you're considering.