Abandoned Oil Platforms Reborn as Hotels?

May 17, 2011 By:Mary Winston Nicklin

Oil Rig Platform Turned HotelFile this under wacky, weird, and true. You've got a steel oil rig surrounded by water sunk into the ocean floor. What to do with this piece of real estate once it retires? Word is that designers are plotting to recycle old oil platforms and turn them into vacation rentals- maybe even luxury hotels. And what a praise-worthy project it is. The io9 blog quotes two Malaysian design students thoughts on it:

"This design explores the possibility of living on the oil rig, above and below the ocean level. The general population can live above the water while specialized researchers such as marine biologists will work in underwater labs. The in-between zone will be used for housing and recreational areas. The existing structures could be strengthen with the use of peripheral steel beams that allow for high velocity wind to filter through the platform without obstructions."

Back in 2009, Gadling also reported that a oil rig-cum-hotel project was underway by Morris Architects, "a design firm with offices in Houston, Los Angeles and Orlando who won an international hospitality award with the concept."

Image via io9