Ruzzini Palace

| Venice, Italy
Ruzzini Palace
Ruzzini Palace
Ruzzini Palace
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Hotel Ruzzini Palace is housed within an ancient historical residence that once belonged to one of the most prominent Venetian families. During the era of the Serenissima Republic, they inhabited the historic residence for a long period in seamless continuity. The hotel overlooks campo Santa Maria Formosa on one side, and rio del Paradiso on the other, and still maintains a water entrance, which once was the main entry. The hotel's present day design was entrusted to the architect Bartolomeo Manopola, whose Venetian works includes the marble facade of the clock overlooking the Ducal Palace courtyard.

Guests of Ruzzini Palace Hotel have the privilege of experiencing a setting that celebrates the aristocratic period of Venice, enhanced by modern luxury and charm. The common areas, reception, lobby, bar,and breakfast lounge, blend eloquently with the welcoming environment of the residence lounge where guests may escape during their free time into an oasis of tranquility.

For those visiting a Venice hotel for business purposes, you have at your disposal an elegant meeting room which can comfortably accommodate from 16 to 20 clients around the boardroom table, ideal for business meetings. The boardroom is equipped with Wi-Fi connection, large flat screen television with DVD reader, video conferencing services and an overhead projector.

The Concierge and a myriad amenities expected from the prestigious 4 star hotels of Venice will ensure that the guests of Ruzzini Palace will enjoy an unforgettable stay in Venice. The spacious reception hall on the main floor of the Ruzzini Palace Hotel, along with its XVIII century decor and double facade overlooking rio del Paradiso and campo Santa Maria Formosa, is the ideal setting for gala events. Whereas during the Venetian festivities of the Regata, Redentore and Carinval, the Ruzzini Palace becomes the venue of Venetian artists performing classical music concerts, canovacci and theatrical comedies.

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Ruzzini Palace
Venice, Italy
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