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Bleibtreu Berlin | Berlin, Germany

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A creative atmosphere and vivid blue, bring the rhythm of Berlin into Bleibtreu. Classic elegance and a modern ecological philosophy are combined and drawn from local trends. This is reflected throughout the hotel with furniture made from untreated oak, virgin wool carpets, handles made of natural semi precious stones and environmentally friendly paints. Guest can ride in the elevator that rises to the fifth floor and pass through the branches of a grand chestnut tree.

This hotel provides a chemical free environment, unless you count the caffeine packed espressos or the adrenaline on the Kurfuerstendamm, the exclusive shopping district of Berlin. The Bleibtreu Hotel is an individual, extravagant, modern and charming hotel that is ideally located in the most beautiful side street of the famous Boulevard Kurfuerstendamm and is within a walking distance from the shopping center and the theatre.

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Bleibtreu Berlin
Berlin, Germany