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Named one of Tripbase's Best Luxury Travel Blogs for 2011, below are Five Star Alliance's newest articles featuring exclusive information on luxury hotels worldwide including special offers and deals at the world's best hotels.

Born Again: Hotel Palomar Comes to Phoenix

By: Christopher Roney

I don't think anywhere in the dictionary of latin roots will you find the "-lomar" suffix as meaning awesome. But if two points make a line, then the Mallomars and the Hotel Palomar are definitely on to something here. With that in mind, every time I hear something about the new Hotel Palomar Phoenix, I can't help but imagine that one marshmallow that inevitably falls off the end of your stick straight into the flames sloughing off its charred exterior and rising again as a pure white, gooey mass, its new skin still tender with sugary goodness. Of course, my overactive imagination could turn even a normal day at the office into the epic of Gilgamesh, so it's probably best if you don't read into it too much.

In any case, the Hotel Palomar is one of the newest editions to our collection, and it builds on the prior iterations of the Palomar, found in DC, Chicago, San Francisco, and many southern cities. In the heart of downtown Phoenix, the Palomar is ideally located to reach all of the hot spots. The city's best shopping, dining, and entertainment are just a few blocks away. The hotel itself is designed to look and feel cosmopolitan. The rooms feature contemporary design that emphasizes the space while still managing to be a little quirky. You're more likely to end up with an abstract painting of a blue cow over your bed than generic landscape #34. And that's a good thing. It's a hard thing to walk the line between eccentricity and taste, and the Palomar manages to do it. The Hotel Palomar Phoenix is definitely a great addition to the Phoenician menagerie.

James Royal Palm To Open Fall 2012

By: Christopher Roney

When the James Royal Palm introduces itself at cocktail parties, I imagine it sidles up coolly, shaken martini in hand. "Palm, James Palm," it says, and then promptly films a movie set in its own hotel. The James Royal Palm could very well be the set for the most British of secret agents, though he will have to wait until the fall of this year to park his Aston Martin when the hotel opens to much fanfare. Miami beach is the perfect setting for the kind of adventure in high society that Bond inevitably finds himself in although, despite having Royal in the name, there's no casino at the James Royal Palm. You will find everything else there, from two swimming pools with a poolside bar to a full-service spa and gym. The James Royal Palm reimagines the original Royal Palm Hotel, paying tribute by preserving some of the original architecture, including the lobby compass rose and green glass front desk. Lil' James, who is releasing his debut rap album this year (not really), provides great children's amenities for the younger folks in your party. Reservations are currently available starting in the fall at the James' own website, and keep an eye for them on Five Star Alliance soon.

Photo via WSJ/Rottet Studio

New Luxury Hotels Opening in 2012: Palais Namaskar

By: Oksana Balytsky

We at Five Star Alliance are all about the best and most luxurious hotels. We certainly keep up with the happenings in the luxury travel world and take pride in bringing our clients the latest luxury travel news. Keep up with our newest blog series where we’ll be featuring luxury hotels opening in 2012 to stay on top of the trends and make your reservations at the newest hotspots.

The Palais Namaskar in Marrakech, Morocco recently opened. Its situated between the Atlas Mountains and the Djebilet Hills, commanding more than 12 acres of seclusion. This luxury hotel has exceptional views of the mountains, lakes, and beautiful gardens. It features 41 rooms including 3 kinds of rooms, 4 types of suites, 2 styles of luxury villas, and 2 extraordinary palaces. The Palais Namaskar also houses a private jet to shuttle guests to and from various airports, allowing guests to hop on the jet for a quick trip to another country and then be back in time for dinner at the Palais Namaskar!

New Luxury Hotels Opening in 2012: Swissotel Dresden

By: Oksana Balytsky

We at Five Star Alliance are all about the best and most luxurious hotels. We certainly keep up with the happenings in the luxury travel world and take pride in bringing our clients the latest luxury travel news. Keep up with our newest blog series where we’ll be featuring luxury hotels opening in 2012 to stay on top of the trends and make your reservations at the newest hotspots.

The Swissotel Dresden opened in the center of the historic old town of Dresden, Germany in April 2012. Its central location, phenomenal shopping, entertainment, and nearby historic sites such as the Residenzschloss, the Turkish Chamber, the Semper Opera, Zwinger Palace and the Frauenkirche all make this luxury hotel the perfect destination for a trip full of culture and excitement. Its 235 elegant rooms and suites incorporate historic elements with modern interior designs and the latest technology. Make your reservations at this new luxury hotel and get ready to experience the excitement Germany has to offer!

The Dresden Files: Swissotel Opens New Hotel in Dresden

By: Christopher Roney

Swissotel has just announced the official opening of the new Swissotel Dresden Am Schloss. The classic Swiss brand is bringing its crisp, smooth design to old town Dresden, a city that could certainly use a few more hotels to choose from. With an emphasis on the business traveler, the hotel is looking to cater to the large numbers of businessmen who find themselves with occasion to travel to the industrious city. A conference and convention space that spans almost 1500 square feet means the Swissotel has the freedom to host a party of almost any size. VIP events, meetings, social gatherings, and even weddings, can all be amply accommodated in the flexible and stylish space. The rooftop terrace is a great secondary space for smaller cocktail parties and receptions, and it boasts a stunning view of the nearby Hofkirche and surrounding city.

In the heart of the old town, the new hotel is perfectly placed for the tourists among us to get out and see the sights of dresden. The historic buildings, from the Frauenkirche to the Semper Opera, are anchor points for any visit to the city, and once you're done exploring the city, you can return to the Swissotel for a great meal at the Wohnstube, the Sitting Room, for modern Swiss cuisine. We're happy to see a new addition to the hotel catalogue in Dresden, and we're sure the Swissotel Dresden Am Schloss won't disappoint.

Photo via Swissotel Dresden

Bucking the Trend: New Mandarin Oriental Opens in Atlanta

By: Christopher Roney

The Mandarin Oriental in Atlanta, Buckhead is now open for business, which created a bit of a conundrum for me. See, there are just so many great headlines for Buckhead. Alternate titles included, "Ahead of the Trend," "The Buck Stops Here," and "Mandarin Oriental Opens a New Hotel in Buckhead," which was the generous contribution of the portlier half of my brain. Thanks, left brain, but you're not very good at this. Anyway, after my painstaking research into optimized punnillanimity, I turned my eyes to the actual details of the newest addition to the Buckhead neighborhood. The Mandarin Oriental promises terrace views of the city skyline from some of the rooms on higher floors, and its Premier Terrace Suite offers a more panoramic view from either of its two balconies, from which you can enjoy some fantastic in-room breakfast or dinner.  Stay in any of its 127 guest rooms to enjoy its 15,000 sq ft spa and Taipan Cocktail Bar.  Also, look for the More in Atlanta package to grab a third night free. 

Via Luxury Travel Advisor.

Special Five Star Alliance Rates at the Palacio Nazarenas in Cuzco

By: Christopher Roney

We at Five Star Alliance know that our travelers are in search of luxurious accommodations at the best prices available, so we go above and beyond to find the best promotional packages and specials to ensure you get the most from your hotel experience. We’re thrilled to introduce our newest blog series where we’ll be featuring luxury hotels that offer you more than just room-only rates. Whether you’re traveling on business or pleasure, we certainly have something for you. Be sure to check in with us often to get the inside scoop on the best deals and packages available at luxury hotels all over the world!

In celebration of the opening of Palacio Nazarenas on June 15th, Five Star Alliance is hosting some special rates for the intimate, 55-suite hotel. In the heart of Cuzco, Palacio Nazarenas is a restored convent converted into an urban retreat and home of the first outdoor pool in Cuzco, as well as great spa facilities and exquisite dining options. And for a limited time, Five Star Alliance rates include the following special amenities:

 - Daily Buffet Breakfast
 - A 30-minute massage for two
 - In-room beverages

These special rates are valid from their opening in June until December 2012. Just look for the Five Star Alliance rate description at the Palacio Nazarenas.


Dubai is Getting 3 New Hotels in 2017!

By: Oksana Balytsky

The luxury hotel market is going to get a makeover in Dubai, with a brand new W, Westin, and St. Regis coming in 2017. All three of these luxury hotels will be built in the same complex, a one million square foot property, with 1,675 rooms in total! Each of the hotels will share the same name, ‘Sheikh Zayed Road,’ and they will all have distinguished characteristics that represent their individual brand. The complex will also have an ‘entertainment theatre’ and a tranquil and beautiful 500,000 square foot landscaped garden. We will certainly be following the progress and further developments of these luxurious properties, but if you can’t wait until 2017, then be sure to check out the other phenomenal properties available in Dubai!

Photo of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai

Four Seasons Opening for the Second Season in Toronto

By: Christopher Roney

The Four Seasons, while known for its all-weather capability, is taking the spring and early summer to get ready for their grand opening in Toronto. As summer winds down and autumn approaches, the newest addition to the Four Seasons brand will be opening its doors to all comers. Reservations can now be made online beginning on October 1st, 2012 and that date may be pushed up as opening day is finalized, so be sure to keep checking in for earlier days as the opening approaches.

This new Four Seasons property takes the refined style of the internationally renowned brand and adds a little twist of 2012 on top. Four Seasons Toronto will be sleek and modern, and their world class spa and restaurants cannot be ignored. You'll be frequenting the largest spa in the city at the Four Seasons, and the restaurants have been reimagined by international restaurateur Chef Daniel Boulud. His namesake restaurant Boulud and the d | bar are aiming to become fixtures of the Toronto scene, pioneering a trendy hotel bar atmosphere. I, for one, am excited to see the Four Seasons expanding to more wintry climes in time to keep me cozy for next Christmas.

New Luxury Hotels Opening in 2012: Nobilis Hotel in Lviv, Ukraine

By: Oksana Balytsky

We at Five Star Alliance are all about the best and most luxurious hotels. We certainly keep up with the happenings in the luxury travel world and take pride in bringing our clients the latest luxury travel news. Keep up with our newest blog series where we’ll be featuring luxury hotels opening in 2012 to stay on top of the trends and make your reservations at the newest hotspots.

The Nobilis Hotel in Lviv is the first and only world class luxury hotel located in the heart of Lviv, and the classical building façade decorated with hand-paintings beautifully compliments the architectural design of the city. Lviv, which means the City of Lions, is a historic and beautiful city which has successfully meshed the architectural and traditional culture of Eastern Europe with those of Italy, Germany, and France. Referred to as the ‘Little Paris of Ukraine,’ Lviv’s cobblestone streets and cultural institutions make it a romantic and beautiful city certainly worth exploring. The Nobilis Hotel has 49 spacious rooms and 9 luxurious suites equipped with the latest technology and decorated with elegant and tasteful style. Its exquisite restaurant, piano-lounge bar, 24-hour lobby bar with fireplace, and its spa and fitness center all add to the hotel’s lavish comforts and charm. Be sure to make your reservations at this beautiful property soon to make it in time for the EuroCup 2012, and get ready to visit what in my very biased opinion is the best city in the world!