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Christopher Roney

Cities You Should See: Berlin is Alive Beneath Your Feet   September 22, 2011
By: Christopher Roney

Berlin is a city so full of personality it’s impossible to...more >>

Wild, Wild West: Blacktomato Offers Luxury Frontier Package   September 21, 2011
By: Christopher Roney

Now you get a chance to bring those childhood afternoons spent...more >>

The Great Test of Penmanship: September 26 is National Love Note Day   September 20, 2011
By: Christopher Roney

September 26, a week from now, is National Love Note Day....more >>

We Sell Swell Suites by the Sea Swells   September 20, 2011
By: Christopher Roney

This just in: The Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel is offering crazy...more >>

Pooling our Resources: The 10 Best Hotel Pools in the World   September 19, 2011
By: Christopher Roney

After reading CNN’s own list of great hotel pools, we decided...more >>

The Emperor's New Groove: Caesars Palace Opens New Tower   September 19, 2011
By: Christopher Roney

Caesars Palace is beginning to take reservations for its new...more >>

Fantasy Meets Reality: Crete Has Legendary Beaches, Minotaurs   September 16, 2011
By: Christopher Roney

Modern-day Crete is better known for its beaches than its...more >>

Public Chicago Offers Modernized, Discrete Room Service; Also, Cows in Hats   September 16, 2011
By: Christopher Roney

The Public Chicago just keeps coming up with something new. I...more >>

Fantasy Meets Reality: Heaven on (Middle) Earth   September 15, 2011
By: Christopher Roney

The first stop on our journey can be none other than the most...more >>

A Fall Escape: Villa d'Este on Lake Como is Sublime   September 14, 2011
By: Christopher Roney

With the bustle of autumn upon us, kids back to school and the...more >>