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FSA LogoThe Luxury Hotel Insider: Exclusive luxury hotel deals, features and special rates from the luxury hotel experts at Five Star Alliance. 
Named one of Tripbase's Best Luxury Travel Blogs for 2011, below are Five Star Alliance's newest articles featuring exclusive information on luxury hotels worldwide including special offers and deals at the world's best hotels.

It's a Roman Penthouse Holiday at Regina Hotel Baglioni

By: Five Star Alliance

Regina Hotel Baglioni
Regina Hotel Baglioni has debuted the most exclusive apartment in Rome. The stunning new Roman Penthouse suite on the top floor of Regina Hotel Baglioni is 560m², including 290m² of private outdoor terraces with 360° panoramic 
views overlooking the Eternal City, stretching from the Sistine Chapel to the Colosseum and beyond.


The penthouse has one master bedroom, two additional bedrooms, a dining room, a living area, a private kitchen and bar, and an outdoor Jacuzzi, The penthouse suite offers an incredible level of service, including a dedicated concierge, butler service, private chef , private barman, and private limo service. 


Designed by the Milanese Architects Rebosio+Spagnulo, the Roman Penthouse combines modern design with traditional Italian style. The design is enhanced by Regina Hotel Baglionihandmade craftsmanship and beautiful detailing, 
such as the stunning Murano glass chandeliers by Venetian Masters Vistosi and LU Murano, and design pieces from the project "Luxury is not a waste" by Italian design consultant and publisher, Vincenzo Basile.


How much will all this Italian luxury set you back? The Roman Penthouse Suite is sold at 14.000 Euros (VAT excluded). 

Regina Hotel Baglioni


Pictures not enough for you? Take a video tour


View rates, details, and more images of Regina Hotel Baglioni Rome>>


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Rome Cavalieri Turns the Big 5-0!

By: K. Clare Johnson


Rome Cavalieri

Rome Cavalieri , Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts opened its doors to international travellers a half-century ago, and has gained an enviable reputation as one of the Eternal City's leading hotels. To celebrate its big birthday, the luxury hotel is throwing a party, and guests get all the gifts.  Though only minutes from the city's historic sites, the Rome Cavalieri is enclosed in fifteen acres of lush Mediterranean parklands. The luxury hotel has an art collection that outshines many museums, a spectacular grand spa, the only 3 Michelin-starred restaurant in Rome, and unique experiences like gladiator training and private tours of Rome's palaces. 


Special Anniversary Packages include:


Roman Shopping HolidayRome Cavalieri
The Rome Cavalieri Hotel provides guest with a Personal Shopper for a genuine Roman Shopping Holiday. The package includes a luxury transfer from the Hotel to the city centre, visits to the finest 1960s haute couture ateliers (including Valentino, Fausto Sarli and Gattinoni) and a stop at the showrooms of upcoming fashion designers. Then there's lunch at a trendy downtown spot followed by private appointments with art gallerists, antique dealers and interior designers. 


The Dolce Vita
Experience Federico Fellini's finest cinematic moments. First you'll get a guided electric car powered tour for two of the Eternal City. While you ride around the city, you'll be snapped by the paps just like the characters in La Dolce Vita.  Rome Cavalieri suggests you finish off your starry experience with a Dolce Vita inspired lunch at a famous city-centre restaurant.


Cruising Dolce Vita Style
If you'd rather see the city yourself, the hotel is offering a "do-it-yourself version of the Dolce Vita experience. You and your fellow travelerwill get to enjoy the sights and sounds of Rome from the viewpoint of an electric car. To further your appreciation of the Eternal City, the tour itinerary can be read at your leisure from a personal iPad. As you'll need some time to unwind after the tour, taste a La Dolce Vita inspired lunch at a famous city-centre restaurant. 


Kids Sweet Life
Pint-size guests don't have to miss out on La Dolce Vita? Kids will receive a welcome gift upon arrival, followed by a sweet breakfast delivered to their guest room. After the breakfast, the family can pay a visit to Rome's unique Museo Explora, an interactive space designed exclusively for children. This is followed by lunch at a typical Roman trattoria. After lunch, the whole family will enjoy a visit to an artisanal ice-cream shop, where you can sample the finest examples of one of Italy's favourite desserts.

View rates, details, and more photos of Rome Cavalieri >>


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Posted in: Rome

Tour Around St. Regis Grand Rome

By: Five Star Alliance

Rome is one of the most visited cities in the world, and is also home the Colosseum, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Romans are known to be a sophisticated bunch, complete with one of the world’s largest and impressive collection of art and the breeding ground of great philosophers of our time. If art, culture and sophistication are your main drivers in choosing destinations and hotels, The St. Regis Grand Rome should be your first stop! The Romans claim to fame in the art world was back in the 16th century when they gave birth to one of the most well-known styles/themes of art to date. The Baroque and Rococo artistic styling and architecture was a period of exuberant elegance and grandeur opulence, a form of art that defined the Renaissance.

The St. Regis Grand Rome is the epitome and holds the essence of all things Renaissance from the architecture, the art work, the furniture to etiquette of the service they provide, and is a landmark in its own right. The very first 5-star hotel in Rome, The St Regis Grand Rome’s hotel design theory of mixing traditional with splashes of lux modernity can be seen through all the things they provide in their hotel. Guests can view the hotel’s private collection of curated art and antiques or indulge in private concierge service in their Bottega Veneta designed suite. The Renaissance heritage runs deep at The St. Regis Grand Rome, as they are known for their amazing butler service and prompt response times. This makes it no surprise to know that the hotel has naturally become the unofficial meeting grounds of the Italian and international political, diplomatic, economic and socialite elite. As the saying goes, “When in Rome..”, do as the Romans do and experience all the amazing things they have to offer by staying at The St. Regis Grand Rome.

View Rates, Details, and More Photos of The St Regis Grand Rome >>

Image of the Day: Grand Hotel de la Minerve

By: K. Clare Johnson

Grand Hotel de la Minerve has been completely renovated to better meet the needs of its modern and sophisticated clientele.


View rates, details and more photos for Grand Hotel de la Minerve >>

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The Top 15 Luxury Hotel Destinations in 2012: #8 Rome

By: K. Clare Johnson

In the final days of 2012, Five Star Alliance is counting down the Top 15 Luxury Hotels and Resort Destinations Worldwide, as decided by you, our luxury travelers! Be sure to check in with us daily to keep up with our countdown and explore a few of the absolute best and most luxurious hotels in the world for your future travels!



As of today, Five Star Alliance features 37 luxury hotels, in Rome, Italy.  Often known as The Eternal City thanks to its 3,000 years of rich history, Rome is also Europe’s greenest city. Traditionally, Rome was built on seven hills: Palatine, Aventine, Capitoline, Quirinal, Viminal, Esquiline and Caelian.

What Makes Our Guests Love Rome?

-The Trevi Fountain and other landmarks such as the Colosseum, Spanish Steps, and The Pantheon are just a few of the ancient treasures to be explored. There's also the Vatican museum, which is the largest museum complex in the world of over 1000 museums and galleries.

-The food. A city that has an entire museum devoted to pasta takes its food seriously. Italian food is regional, so the dishes you find in Rome may be a delicious new discovery.

-Rome is easy to get to, thanks to the plethora of flights in and out of the city daily.  There's also world-class shopping, entertainment, and did we mention the food?

Where to Stay?

-As of this writing,  there is select availability for New Year's Eve in Rome. Ripa Hotel is offering nightly rates starting at EUR157,  Boscolo Aleph Hotel has nightly rates starting at EUR267,  and for those wanting to splurge, Hotel Villa Spalletti Trivelli (pictured) has nightly rates from  EUR1375.

-Plan now for your springtime in Rome. Nightly rates for late March-Early April range from EUR192 at Hotel Lord Byron to Grand Hotel de la Minerve at EUR289 to EUR361 at St Regis Grand Rome (pictured below).

Did You Know?

-Vatican City, which is located inside the city limits of Rome, is its own sovereign state, and is the smallest state in the world.

-The abbreviation SPQR can be found on many Roman statues, buildings, and military standards. It stands for “senatus populusque romanus.” meaning “The senate and people of Rome

Check out all the best luxury hotels and resorts in Rome>>




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The Top 30 Hotels in 2012: #20 St Regis Grand Rome

By: Oksana Balytsky

In the last month of 2012, Five Star Alliance is counting down the Top 30 Luxury Hotels and Resorts worldwide, as decided by you, our luxury travelers! Be sure to check in with us daily to keep up with our countdown and explore a few of the absolute best and most luxurious hotels in the world for your future travels!

Coming in the #20 spot is the St Regis Grand Rome which is located in the heart of Rome, within walking distance of many historic sites including the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and Via Veneto. Here are a few fun facts and features about this luxury hotel:

- 24-hour butler service ensures all needs are met quickly and effectively

- Each of the 138 guest rooms and 23 suites feature a unique identity and are exquisitely appointed in a combination of Empire, Regency and Louis XV styles

- Luxurious bath amenities and extraordinarily comfortable beds assure complete relaxation

- The hotel’s restaurant has been twice nominated as the best in Europe by Zagat

- Inspired by the traditional Asian spa concept where body, soul, and mind meet, kamiSpa, the first oriental urban spa in Europe, is now exclusively available on the fifth floor of the Hotel

- Private wine cellar attracting guests and locals alike

Explore photos, availability, and rates at the St Regis Grand Rome here >>

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The Top 30 Hotels in 2012: #21 Babuino 181

By: K. Clare Johnson


In the last month of 2012, Five Star Alliance is counting down the Top 30 Luxury Hotels and Resorts worldwide, as decided by you, our luxury travelers! Be sure to check in with us daily to keep up with our countdown and explore a few of the absolute best and most luxurious hotels in the world for your future travels!


Rome's Babuino 181 is #21 on our list of Top Hotels in 2012. Here are a few fun facts about this luxury hotel:

-A boutique hotel that is a three story renovated Palazzo, and is located in Rome’s high-end fashion avenue, Via del Babuino.
-Guests can enjoy breakfast or drinks on the beautiful rooftop terrace, or recharge with an espresso or tea in the private lounge.
-Located a stone’s throw from the famous Spanish Steps.
-Babuino 181's luxury suites have king size beds with Frette sheets, a pillow menu, silk duvets, marble bathrooms, and all the amenities and comforts you would expect from a luxury hotel.
Explore photos, availability, and rates at Babuino 181>>

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Your Questions Answered: Two Bedroom Suite in Rome

By: Oksana Balytsky

We at Five Star Alliance work tirelessly to ensure we bring you the best luxury hotels selection and information regarding amenities, location, and highlights so you are confident that the hotel you choose will exceed your expectations and serve your needs. Sometimes, however, you are left with a few questions that go unanswered, and that’s why we’re here. Be sure to explore our new blog series ‘Your Questions Answered’ to find answers to real questions submitted to us by our clients regarding traveling with kids, pets, the best beach hotels, and much more.

Question: We would like to book a two bedroom suite in Rome with a balcony. Can you let us know what is available?

Answer: Hotel Splendide Royal Rome has a 2 bedroom suite located on the top floor with a large terrace overlooking Rome available starting from 1950 Euros per night. I was not able to find any two bedroom options with a balcony. To make a reservation for this room type, simply visit this website, enter your dates of travel, select the room type, and fill in the booking form. Please be advised that the rates, availability, as well as any extra person charges are subject to change depending on the hotel’s policies.

Cool New Addition: Gran Melia Rome Villa Agrippina

By: K. Clare Johnson

Gran Melia Rome Villa Agrippina is one of the latest addition to Five Star Alliance.

The villa once belonged to the Roman Empress, mother of the Emperor Nero.

A 5-minute walk from the Vatican, the hotel has impressive pools and gardens, a complete YHI Wellness area, a
select range of fine dining options and a Business and Convention Center with 3 meeting rooms.

Sponsored Feature: Why the Villa Spalletti Trivelli's Small Size Is Just What You Want

By: Christopher Roney

When the national title association was handing out the allotment of letters to the Villa Spalletti Trivelli, there must've been a 2-for-1 deal on ls. Either that or it is secretly run by a pack of llamas. In any case, the Villa Spalletti could certainly be described as lilliputian. The tiny hotel rests in the heart of Rome and has but 12 rooms and suites to its name. Many hotels champion their large inventories as a great strength, singing the praises of the customizability that the options deliver. I find that such an experience doesn't necessarily guarantee my perfect satisfaction though. By the same token, size can lead to a kind of standardization, where while you can pick between a number of five-star restaurants all the on the property, you still succumb to a feeling of sameness. You lose a sense of the specific charm of the city you've come to see.

In this regard, the Villa Spalletti Trivelli's small stature is precisely its strength. The hotel simply feels like Rome. You're nestled downtown, just moments from the Fontana di Trevi, Quirinale, and the Spanish Steps, and the rooms and public spaces are filled with genuine antiques. Private gardens allow for you to experience a genuine moment of quietude away from the bustle of the city; and, with only a few other guests, that silence won't be interrupted. The on-site Health Center is a source of rejuvenating and relaxing wellness therapies. Elegant dining is available at the Papier Peint Dining Room, and it is just that, an intimate experience closer to a private meal than a night out, only with the freshest traditional Italian ingredients that you could only get at the finest restaurants. The next time you're headed to Rome, think about foregoing some of the bigger brand names for the authentic experience at the Villa Spalletti Trivelli.