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Named one of Tripbase's Best Luxury Travel Blogs for 2011, below are Five Star Alliance's newest articles featuring exclusive information on luxury hotels worldwide including special offers and deals at the world's best hotels.

Image of the Day: Sumahan on the Water

February 9, 2013
By: K. Clare Johnson

Sumahan on the Water, a newly restored nineteenth century Ottoman distillery opened its doors as a hotel in May 2005.

Explore rates, details, photos and more at Sumahan on the Water >>


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The Top 30 Luxury Hotels in 2012: Honorable Mention Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul

December 21, 2012
By: Shannon Sullivan

In the last month of 2012, Five Star Alliance is counting down the Top 30 Luxury Hotels and Resorts worldwide, as decided by you, our luxury travelers! But there were a few more hotels we absolutely had to mention. Be sure to check in with us daily to keep up with our countdown and explore a few of the absolute best and most luxurious hotels in the world for your future travels!

Here are a few fun facts about Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul:

-Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul, once the residence of the last Ottoman Sultans, has been restored to its former glory and is the only luxury hotel on the European shores of the Bosphorus.

-The architectural grandeur of the palace  is blended with the modern comfort of a deluxe hotel

-Resort ambience in the center of the city with 315 rooms.

-Within walking distance of the Hotel is the harbor side district of Ortakoy, a fascinating area full of seafood restaurants, specialty antique, ceramic and jewelry shops. 

Explore photos, availability, and rates at Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul>>

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Image of the Day: The House Hotel Nisantasi

September 17, 2012
By: Five Star Alliance


Bird cage chairs and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves equal one cool room at The House Hotel Nisantasi.


Posted in: Istanbul

Ah, Gee, A Hotel! A'jia Is the Bosphorus Hotel of Choice

June 15, 2012
By: Christopher Roney

It's not possible to get any closer to the shores of the Bosphorus than the A'jia Hotel. It's just about literally on the water, and this jewel of the Mediterranean gleams with a particular lustre. The Ottoman mansion has only 16 rooms and you're basically guaranteed a wonderful view. The unique location of the property allows it to be both hidden away and easily accessible from the city of Istanbul, so you can tour the sites and head out on the town without skipping a beat. Of course, you might not want to head into the city for dinner, since the A'jia restaurant could go toe-to-toe with almost any in the world. And because the hotel is so small, you're sure to have an intimate dining experience. The A'jia hotel is a fusion of timeless elegance, maintaining the beauty of its original 1800s construction and merging it with all of the modern amenities. If you're looking to explore the beauty and wonder of the Mediterranean and have an experience of both an incredible luxury hotel and an amazing natural setting, the A'jia Hotel should be on your shortlist.

Condé Nast Traveler Platinum Circle 2012: Swissotel the Bosphorus

March 26, 2012
By: Christopher Roney

We've been spotlighting a list of Conde Nast's award-winning Gold List Hotels for 2012, and each one is amazing in its own right. In a clear case of never enough of a good thing, Conde Nast has yet an additional level to their awards, the meta-prestigious Platinum Circle Hotels, distinguished for being consistent Gold List winners for the last five years. Perhaps it could have been more aptly named the Conde Nast Award for Continued Excellence in the Having of Conde Nast Awards, but that's probably just my jealousy talking. It takes a certain level of cachet to be able to recognize someone for being recognized by you, and the Conde Nast Awards carry that weight. Regardless, the Platinum Circle hotels are undoubtedly some of the best of the best and have the mark of consistency that other hotels can only aspire to.

The Condé Nast Traveler Gold List 2012 is the eighth of their annual lists, and the hotels chosen by their team of editors and experts are the best for service, food, location, rooms, leisure facilities, ambiance and design.

Today, the hotel on showcase the Swissotel the Bosphorus in Istanbul.  Turkey's capital is a place of so much history that you can barely take a step for fear of crunching some historic relic of civilizations past and present.  And to explore such a storied city, you need a storied location. The Bosphorus has unparalleled views of the old city and the Bosphorus from its perch on a wooded hilltop.  Sixteen restaurants, bars, and lounges provide every possible permutation of fine dining you could hope for, and you can look forward to relaxing in their heated indoor and outdoor pools. Modern amenities meet turkish tradition in a hotel with both a traditional Turkish wellness center and perfect connectivity.  Swissotel the Bosphorus is everything you'd want on the Mediterranean coast, packaged up nicely just waiting for your visit.

Hotels with an Incredible View! Istanbul, Turkey

February 28, 2012
By: Oksana Balytsky

We understand that an incredible view is of utmost importance to luxury travelers. After a day of exploring a new city, there’s nothing more enjoyable then returning to your luxurious accommodations and taking in the miraculous view before calling it a day. For others, there simply is no time to enjoy everything a city has to offer, and the only exploration one has time for is to take in the view from the hotel. We’d like to introduce you to our blog series, which will be featuring incredible hotels with incredible views! Whatever your travel reasons or however much time you have to enjoy your trip, we hope you leave thinking wow what a view!

Our third feature is the Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at the Bosphorus. It’s located on the European bank of the Bosphorus, which flows through Istanbul’s phenomenal history. This luxury hotel is a converted Ottoman Palace surrounded by indigo water and mountaintops. Its 145 guest rooms and 25 suites blend Ottoman design with contemporary furnishings and nearly a quarter of the rooms offer incredible views across the legendary Strait to the hills of Asia. Rooms located on the first and second floor offer straight views of the water and the Maiden’s Tower in Old Town. The hotel’s pool overlooks the Bosphorus, and the outdoor terrace of the hotel’s restaurant Aqua allows you to dine right on the water’s edge.

Be sure to keep up with our blog series to discover various luxury hotels all over the world with the best views!

Travel to Istanbul: Sleep on the Banks of the Bosphorus at Hotel Les Ottomans

September 9, 2011
By: Mary Winston Nicklin

Hotel Les Ottomans, Istanbul

This has got to be one of the coolest places to bunk down for a night: on the banks of the Bosphorus in Istanbul. Housed in a former Pasha's mansion dating from the 18th century, the Hotel Les Ottomans has postcard-perfect views over one of the most famous waterways in the world. Inside you'll find posh interiors (yup, Paris Hilton stayed here) and a Caudalie Vinothérapie spa that's positively decadent. This elegant hotel also has a pool overlooking the Bosphorus, and yachts both for leisure sails and practical transfers to other parts of the sprawling city of Istanbul.

Hotel Les Ottomans, Istanbul

A Unique Spa Experience at Hotel Les Ottomans in Istanbul

July 21, 2011
By: Daniel L. Moses

Hotel Les Ottomans SpaHave you heard of Vinotherapy? I hadn't until today, but when I found out that the Hotel Les Ottomans was offering this unique spa treatment in one of my favorite cities, I went straight to Wikipedia. It turns out that Vinotherapy ''describes a beauty therapy process where the residue of wine making (the pips and pulp) are rubbed into the skin. The pulp is said to have excellent exfoliating qualities and help reduce the problems associated with ageing.'' Wine is a known anti-oxidant, and its properties have long been extolled, but this new process takes it one step further, and with more than 2400 square feet of spa at a hotel so exclusive that it only has 10 suites, a spa visit at the Hotel Les Ottomans is only for the most luxuriously-minded travelers.

If the spa isn't enticement enough, the location of the Hotel Les Ottomans will tempt anyone. Situated on the banks of the Bosphorous, stunning views are the norm rather than the exception with all suites giving visitors a special, romantic vista. The placement of Istanbul as a crossroads between East and West has brought visitors to this unique land for centuries, and everyone leaves with a different experience among the twisting streets and quite alleys. When you come for your first (or second or third or twentieth) visit to Istanbul, make sure to book a hotel as beautiful, with a spa treatment as unique, as the city itself. For my money, that's the Hotel Les Ottomans.

Friday Photos: Bosphorus Views from the A'jia Hotel, Istanbul

May 20, 2011
By: Mary Winston Nicklin

A'jia Hotel, Istanbul

You'd be hard-pressed to find a more magical setting in Istanbul. From your balcony in a former pasha's mansion on the Asian side of the Bosphorus, the views are striking. A'jia Hotel has only 16 guest rooms, ensuring the ultimate in personalized service, and all rooms are dressed in a sleek, contemporary style and outfitted with cutting-edge technology. No wonder A'jia is such a prized address.

A'jia Hotel, Istanbul

A'jia has a lovely restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating. After a day of sightseeing, relax with a massage in-room while watching the boats glide by on the Bosphorus. Nice perk: The complimentary boat shuttle that cruises between the continents and bypasses Istanbul's traffic.