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Your Questions Answered: What are connecting rooms options at The St Regis Florence?

By: Betsy LeTourneau

St Regis Florence Arno River ViewWe at Five Star Alliance work tirelessly to ensure we bring you the best luxury hotels selection and information regarding amenities, location, and highlights so you are confident that the hotel you choose will exceed your expectations. Sometimes, however, you are left with a few questions that go unanswered, and that's why we’re here. Be sure to explore our blog series "Your Questions Answered" to find answers to real questions submitted to us by our clients regarding traveling with kids, pets, the best beach hotels, and much more.

QUESTION: What are connecting rooms options at The St Regis Florence?

ANSWER: Try the Premium Deluxe River View Room connected to another Premium Deluxe River View Room.

Situated in central Florence, the scenic St. Regis Florence has been the preferred stop of seasoned travelers since the 18th Century. Steps away from iconic landmarks, it offers an unrivaled immersion into the cradle of the Renaissance. Reflecting Florence's rich artistic heritage, the 81 spacious guest rooms and 19 distinctive suites are exercises in discreet opulence and refined elegance. Additionally, all guests enjoy impeccable St. Regis Butler Service any time day or night. Affixed with rich colors, custom frescos, and sparkling crystal chandeliers, the antique decor pays homage to the city's storied history.

The Premium Deluxe River View Room provides views of the Arno River, the Cestello Church, and the surrounding hills. Some offer a stepout balcony. Each room recalls the glory of the 15th century, Florentine, Medici, or Renaissance style. The rooms are luxurious, adorned with coffered ceilings, frescoes, and brocades. Amenities include a King Size or Twin St. Regis Bed, work area, WiFi Internet access, Bose sound system, IPod charger, 42 Inch Lcd TV, Dvd player, Deep soaking tub, separate shower, large vanity, and a double bathroom sink.

All rates are based on double occupancy and extra person charges may apply. Please be advised that the rates, availability, as well as any extra person charges are subject to change depending on the hotel's policies.

View rates, details, and more images of The St Regis Florence >>

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Is Grande Colonial Hotel La Jolla Haunted?

By: K. Clare Johnson

Grande Colonial Hotel La JollaGrande Colonial Hotel La Jolla recently celebrated its 100th birthday. Everyone knows you don't get to that age without a few skeletons in the closet. Or in the case of the luxury hotel, ghosts in the guest rooms. For years, tales of ghost sightings and paranormal happenings have been reported by guests and staff alike. The good news is that the otherwordly happenings have always been about people having fun.

One room in the hotel is popular with those craving privacy, as it has a private entrance. Late night phone calls have been known to come from this room when it is unoccupied. There's never anyone on the other end, and when employees go to check the room, the phone is off the hook and the room is empty and the windows are locked. Some have speculated that the activity is the spirit of regular visitor Groucho Marx returning for a visit. The legendary comedian was known for late night hijinks at the hotel. Other sightings include a couple in formal attire seen in the hallway, a young woman in a guest room, several small Abraham Lincolns jumping around in a room, and a woman in white who brushed a young guest's hair. 

Many supernatural stories take place in the hotel's kitchen. Activities include stoves that turn on spontaneously, cabinets that open and close by themselves, and frying pans that move around. During remodeling the reports increased, but the new restaurant Nine-Ten seems to have sent most of the ghosts elsewhere. Guests of the North Annex, which is above the bakery, have reported loud voices, heavy footsteps, people running down the stairs, and doors swinging open and closed for no reason—all after the bakery has closed. The noises have been attributed to two young women who used to live in the apartment that is now the bakery.

Interested in reading more Grande Colonial Hotel La Jolla ghost stories. Here's a full report

Fall rates at Grande Colonial Hotel La Jolla start at $199 per night >>

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Did You Know? The Inn at the Roman Forum

By: Five Star Alliance

The Inn at Roman Forum is the only luxury hotel in Rome that can boast the presence of a piece of the Roman Forum on the premises.

The Inn at Roman Forum

Fall rates at The Inn at Roman Forum start at $229 per night >>

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Did You Know: Le Manoir Aux Quat Saisons

By: K. Clare Johnson

Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons maintains a vegetable garden, a herb garden, a mushroom valley, an orchard, a Japanese Tea Garden, and an English Water Garden. Also at Le Manoir, hundreds of courgettes (also known as zucchini) are grown in the cloche tunnels (shown below) for their flowers. The variety grown is Milano di Nero, which produces abundant, large blooms. That's a good thing, as the kitchen can use up to 200 flowers a day throughout the summer. In this garden you'll also find aubergines, peppers, and watercress. 

Le Manoir Aux Quat Saisons 

View rates, details, and more images of Le Manoir Aux Quat Saisons >>

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Did You Know? Divan Cukurhan

By: Five Star Alliance

The Divan Cukurhan is located opposite to the main entrance of the Ankara Citadel. The brick and stone building with wooden planks and bays has a tile roof and is supposed to have been built in the late 16th or early 17th century. The Cukurhan functioned as a typical Ottoman city caravanserai, aka an Inn with a marketplace in the courtyard. It retained its commercial importance through the years with many shops and workplaces that sold a vast range of goods including mohair, wool, grains, dried fruits, and vegetables.

Divan Cukurhan

Fall rates at Divan Cukurhan start at $143 per night >>

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Dining al Fresco: Hotel Eden A Royal Meridien

By: Five Star Alliance

Hotel Eden-A Royal Meridien has a rooftop restaurant, Il Giardino dell'Eden, which many consider the best place to sip a cocktail while enjoying one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Open for lunch and dinner, the restaurant serves a selection of Mediterranean dishes.

Hotel Eden a Royal Meridien 

Fall rates start at $429 per night >>

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Did You Know? The Chesterfield Palm Beach

By: Five Star Alliance

Designed in the manner of a European bed and breakfast, The Chesterfield Palm Beach was built as The Lido-Venice in 1926 and renamed The Vineta in 1928. The hotel was renovated in 1937 by Palm Beach architect John L. Volk. Named The Chesterfield Palm Beach in 1989, the hotel today is a member of the Red Carnation Hotel Collection and Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

The Chesterfield Palm Beach

Fall rates at The Chesterfield Palm Beach start at $205 per night >>

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Image of the Day: Taj Palace Marrakech

By: Five Star Alliance

The spectacular Royal Suite at the Taj Palace Marrakech.

Taj Palace Marrakech

Fall rates at the Taj Palace Marrakech start at $601 per night >>

Did You Know? Sumahan on the Water

By: K. Clare Johnson

Sumhan on the Water
Sumahan on the Water
 sits on the very edge of the Bosphorus Straits which separate Europe from Asia and link the cold waters of the Black Sea to the warm waters of the Sea of Marmara and the Aegean beyond.

It was originally built in the mid-nineteenth century to produce suma, the unadulterated spirit used to make raki, the Ottomans' favourite tipple. Where today a motorised launch ferries hotel guests to and from downtown, barges laden with figs would arrive to keep the stills of the Sumahan busy.

Fall rates at Sumahan on the Water start at $388 per night >>

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New to Five Star Alliance: Moevenpick Petra Nabatean Castle

By: Five Star Alliance

Moevenpick Petra Nabatean Castle is a 10-minute drive from the entrance to the historic site of Petra. Dating back as early as 312 BCE, Petra is Jordan's most popular tourist attraction.

Moevenpick Petra Nabatean Castle

See more photos hotel details, and fall rates for Moevenpick Petra Nabatean Castle >>

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